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Ashwani aalok

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5 Ways to Gorgeous Skin


Who doesn't want soft, supple and growing skin? There are some who are blessed with flawless skin and there are many like me who have to take care of it. But, irrespective of your skin type, a good skin care routine and taking care of your lifestyle goes a long way to maintain it. Being a Himachali, almost everyone in my family has a perfect skin. And there are many things they all do to maintain it. Here are few of those tips which have been tried and tested by many generations, as my mother say -

Using Milk as a Cleaner

Long before the washing-cleansing-moisturizing routine became famous, ladies in my family stick to the readily available milk as a cleanser. My grandmother says it does all three things which all high priced products claim to do in one go. Even I have used it during my commute years and trust me, it takes out all the dirt from your skin. It’s natural, chemical free and is always available in your fridge.

Add Rose Water to Your Routine

Rose water is one thing that adds glow to any skin type. It soothes the skin and help retain the softness of skin. I use plain rose water in summer and when it is humid and mix it with cream during winters. Diluting face cream with rose water helps in massaging it deep in the skin layer and gives a supple effect. Rose water has been in my routine since my college days. It’s the most effective thing I have used so far and I recommend it to everyone.

Paste of Dry Neem Leaves

A family friend suggested it to my mother long back. It’s the best pack to get soft skin. Many say neem is good for acne, pimples and skin rashes, but even if you don’t have one, you should try it. No cream can give this much softness. Take dry neem leaves and crush them into a powder with your hands. Mix it with water and apply. It will be little grainy and won’t stick to the skin, and you might have to work with it on patches, but the result is extra-ordinary. Wash when it the paste and dry and voila, you are done. This is one of the best packs I have tried in my life - free, all natural and great results.

Curd for Sun Tan and Rashes

Of all the ways I have tried to remove sun tan, curd gives the best result. Apply curd paste with any of the flour/face pack that suits your skin type and you can get rid of nastiest of sunburn. It also helps when you apply on rashes from a skin infection. It is a great and natural way to get the harsh red color from your skin and gives you soft skin.

Ayurvedic and Organic Products

There are endless products in the market that claim to give the best of results. Few months back, I read that most scrubbers have plastic beads in them and many states in the USA have banned them. Now, I feel all the cosmetics and creams we use should be natural - either Ayurvedic or organic. They give better results and have no side effects. My mother used VICCO Turmeric Cream for a long time - an all natural and Ayurvedic product. And, she still vouches for it. Using natural products is the best way to maintain skin in the long run.