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6 Chocolate Desserts on New Year’s Eve


We are about to enter 2019 and this gives us full 365 days with each day being an opportunity to fill this year with happiness and success. And while there are various ways in which we can celebrate the New Year’s Eve, it is better to say farewell to 2018 on a sweet note. So, if you are throwing a New Year party or just celebrating the day with your family members, you must get some scrumptious desserts that will not only level up the festivities but will also ensure that all your guests indulge in the flavours of these lip-smacking desserts.

Chocolates for New Year

Below are some of the chocolate desserts that will surely make this New Year’s Eve a lot more flavorful and will help you have a gala time with your friends and family members:

1. Chocolate Jar Cakes

Nowadays, one can easily find a variety of different cake designs and one of them is Jar Cakes. The concept behind these types of cakes is that they are quite convenient to handle as they are compact in size. The lid on the top of the jar ensures that the cake stays in place which makes it a great pick for a return gift. So, if you are hosting a New Year’s Party, you can get a bunch of jar cakes that can be given away to your guests as a memoir of this special day. You can even decorate the jars or stick-on some hand-written notes on the lid that will help you earn some extra brownie points.

2. Chocolate Truffle Cake

As we all know that a celebration is incomplete without a cake, and since this is a grand celebration, you ought to have a cake cutting ceremony to make this soiree a lot more fun and flavorful. And if you are a chocoholic, you can get a chocolate truffle cake that is delicately rich in flavour and at the same time, it is perfectly gooey which makes it one-of-a-kind delicacy. While the upper layer of chocolate will make this day a lot more flavorful, the gooey bottom will surely make you fall in love with this scrumptious delicacy this New Year’s festive season.

3. Chocolate Cream Pie

A chocolate pie is something you can bake on your own and impress all your guests. Not only this will make for a great dessert option, but will also make sure that even your diabetic friends are able to indulge in these sweet delicacies as a chocolate cream pie is subtly rich in flavours. The whipped cream, the crust of the pie and the chocolate inside give a great balance which does not overpower any flavour ensuring that each ingredient retains its essence.

4. Chocolate Caramel Fudge Brownie

Brownies are one of the most preferred desserts all around the world and with the flavours they offer, they surely deserve the title. And if you are planning to have a dessert in your party that everyone loves, you should try a chocolate caramel fudge brownie that will surely steal the limelight. While caramel will provide a gooey texture, the chocolate enriches the flavours of the brownie. You should place it on a hot-pan that provides it constant heat from the bottom which will ensure that it remains warm and slushy throughout the party. You can also a handful of hazelnuts to give it a nutty texture in each bite.

5. Choco-Chip Cupcakes

Cupcakes are another beautiful option of desserts that will surely give your party an aesthetic appeal. And if you happen to be a chocolate lover, Choco-chip cupcakes will be a great pick. Since you can choose from a wide range of flavours, your party can showcase a bunch of them like vanilla, butterscotch, coffee, strawberry, etc., which will provide your guests with a variety of options, and thus they can choose the one they prefer the most.

6. Chocolate Truffle Tart

Tart being a blend of both sweet and savoury is another great option for your diabetic friends. Also, you can roast some dry-fruits like almonds, raisins and hazelnuts which can add up to the health factor of the dessert and will also keep you warm in this winter season. So, having a chocolate truffle cake for all your guests in this New Year’s party is a must! And if you are invited to a party, this can be a great gift as well but don’t forget to add in some fresh flowers n chocolates that will make this New Year’s Eve a lot more special.

Also, if you wish to have a special gift for all your guests at the New Year party, you can get some personalized gifts as well that will give it a personal and a special touch.

We hope that these chocolatey desserts will help you celebrate the New Year’s Eve with a much joyous and sweeter vibe.