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Vimal Kumawat

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6 Different types of Indian Handicrafts


Indian Handicrafts are always been so popular all around the world. They are popular for their uniqueness, for their rich look and for their storytelling as well. Yes, every piece tells a story and every craft is unique. The good thing is people not only believe in using them for their own but use them to show love. Yes, Indian handicrafts are quite popular in gifting as well. So for this post, we are sharing with you different types of Indian handicrafts:

6 Different types of Indian Handicrafts

1. Bamboo handicrafts:

Amongst all Indian handicrafts, the ones that are built of the bamboo are counted amongst the Eco-friendly crafts. The good thing is this environment sustainable craft looks absolutely appealing to eyes as well. You can see many things like beautiful baskets, wall hangings, designed mats, jewellery boxes, etc. They are widely popular and are a good choice as well when you’re looking for some unique gift for any occasion.

2. Brass Handicrafts:

Brass has been an indispensable part of Indian handicrafts for so long. It is used by artisans for ages. As the name mentions brass handicrafts are the pieces of craft made of brass. The brass handicrafts usually constitute of statues of Lord Ganesha and of Lord Krishna, etc. Tabletops, vases, boxes, glasses, etc are some other items that are quite popular amongst brass handicrafts. They are widely popular amongst the home decor.

3. Cane Handicrafts:

This category is yet another one of the most popular category of Indian handicrafts. The masterpieces include trays, baskets, etc. The best is the furniture that goes well along with any space. The furniture goes along with any kind of space, be it built in ethnic style or charmed with contemporary flares.

4. Paper Handicrafts:Corporate Gifts

Paper handicrafts are not popular now. They have been famed since the Mughal era. Yes, they of one form of craft which is actually been passed on from several generations. From masks to lamps, from beautiful puppets to fancy hand fans, there are a lot of paper crafts that look absolutely eye-pleasing.

5. Wooden Handicrafts

If there is one form of Indian handicraft that has attained popularity that can’t be measured, it is wooden handicraft. Wood has been used by artisan since time immemorial. With their skills, they always have been successful in creating the most unique form of artwork. From furniture to jewellery boxes, from toys to home decor pieces, there are is a lot to wooden handicraft.

The good thing is that wooden handicraft also includes some of the best corporate gifts as well. The pen holders and the paperweights along with the wooden serveware, there are a lot of options available in wooden handicraft you can easily use in corporate gifting. You can get them all customised as well like getting the name of the business house engraved or initials engraved on them.

6. Jute Handicrafts:

Indian Handicrafts are quite popular worldwide. And Jute handicrafts are no different. They are popular all across the globe. Bags, bangles, footwear, jewellery, etc made of jute looks absolutely mesmerising and are amongst the best options if you’re looking for handicrafts to gift to your family or friends.