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6 Genius Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home For Diwali


6 Genius Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home For Diwali


It’s funny how we always think we have enough time to prep up for Diwali until one fine day it hits us that the festival of lights is just a few weeks away, and we haven’t got a thing done! What follows is a mad scramble to clean up the house, put things together and deck up our living spaces for the occasion. If we know you well, it’s pretty much the same story for you this year too. But there is one thing that’s different – you now have us to keep you sane in situations like these. So, keep calm and read on to get inspired by our home decor collection. (P.S. It’s on SALE!) Could you have asked for a better Diwali gift? Check out these tips to spruce up your home this Diwali.


1. Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers


These classic red and gold cushion covers are perfect to brighten up your living room this Diwali.

Tip: Play with cream, white and gold for the rest of your living room decor so that the cushions stand out without visually overwhelming your guests.


2. Curtains




When it comes to doing up the house, curtains pretty much figure on every home decor list. It’s not just about privacy, window drapes are a great way to add an artistic element to your decor.

Tip: This Diwali, opt for unlined decorative curtains to let the warm glow of lights filter through them and give your home a cosy feel.


3. Rugs



One of the most important elements of home decor, rugs brighten up a room and give your room a depth you can’t get from your furniture alone. Besides, rugs an provide warmth and comfort, especially if you haven’t yet installed an underfloor heating system in your home.

Tip: Pick a soft colour if you want the rug to accentuate a particular piece of furniture, but feel free to go bold with colours and patterns if you want the rug to be the focal point of the room.

4. Light it up


 Light it up


No Diwali decoration is ever complete without lights. And the great news is that it’s no more just string lights. You can now choose from a wide range of tea lights, lamps, diyas, etc.

Tip: Turn up the quirk quotient of your home with this kettle lamp this Diwali.


5. Wall art

Wall art


Bare walls in a beautifully done space stick out like a sore thumb. So, while you are at it, don’t forget to dress those walls with some fine pieces of ethnic art that soothe the eyes as well as the soul.

Tip: This serene Radha-Krishna painting can really perk up those walls. The best part about this painting is that you can assemble it any way you please.


6. Bedsheets



Decked up the living room and dining room to impress your guests, but left the bedroom out? Well, most of us are guilty of committing this home decor sin. The bedroom is the place where you spend a lot of your time, and not letting the festive spirit touch this space is just not done.

Tip: Get the colour balance right so as to perk up your bedroom without taking away the calmness that you need.