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Lina Carner

Founder Digitalu | Posted on |

6 Powerful Lead Generation Tips for B2C


"Hey, give us your email…"

In case if you were living under the rock, such appeals on websites and social media channels don’t work anymore.

• These CTA contents are boring.

• Your proposition isn't clear.

• With spam at high, consumers are skeptic to sign up for anything online.

In fact, today, you need more than just convincing contents and offers, thanks to high competition in nearly every industry. Whatever you're offering, there's a good chance that your successful competitor is offering a better version of it.

This makes lead generation quite a challenging task for the B2C brands.

But hold on.

This doesn’t mean the task-at-hand is difficult. With the right and strategic approach, you can generate much higher leadsonline and make more sales.

Here are 6 tips to help you with that:

1. Create long-form evergreen contents

The average word count of a Google first page result is 1,890 words.

It' no secret that search engines love long-form articles. Because such contents are usually high in quality and intensive in nature. Besides, even when intuitively speaking, long articles cover more and are more helpful. People love them.

So, if you aren’t already producing such form contents, start today.

Create an editorial calendar that's centered around your target audience and product, and then get to shelling high-quality, intensive, and evergreen pieces of content. This will improve your organic reach, engagement and eventually conversion.

6 Powerful Lead Generation Tips for B2C


2. Focus on Above The Fold content

It takes 0.05 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion about your website.

This not only makes your website design incredibly crucial, but it also puts an extra onus on how your Above The Fold (ATF) contents look.

If it's not captivating enough, people would form a negative opinion about your brand. And this significantly reduces the chances of them engaging with your contents and products wholeheartedly.

So, focus a lot on the part of the page that the visitors see the first when on your website. Here are some above the fold optimization tips:

• Avoid sliders. (They are OLD!)

• Avoid heavy media (images, videos) that would slow the loading time.

• Be very clear about how you can help the visitor right upfront.

• Include a powerful 'Call To Action' button.

• Use brief and punchy lines to encourage readers to take action.

3. Have multiple opt-in forms

Be clear in conveying your intent to the website visitors. You want them to give you their email, and they must know this.

So, aside from asking them for their email address directly, also provide them with more reasons and opportunities to signup.

One, have more than one proposition. For instance, if in ATFyou're offering 'Free Coupons', offer 'Free Guide' in Below the Fold area.

Two, have multiple opt-in forms (or CTA) placed on the page. Have embedded forms, slider, popup, and sticky CTA button -- whatever suits your needs and page layout optimally.

4. Leverage social media platforms

Don’t just treat social media as platforms where you "have to be". Leverage its wide reach and easy communication tools to not only reach out to the target audience but also engage them.

Have a proper content strategy. With striking posts, ask your audience to sign up on a regular basis. Or, indirectly, you can redirect them to personalized landing pages.

In addition, if you have sufficient advertisement budget, you can also invest in PPC ad programs of Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram. (Since B2C, avoid LinkedIn; it's good for B2B.) The right campaign almost guarantees you super-high conversion.


5. Focus on value and engagement over conversion

This is more of a clichéd and holistic tip, but very importantnonetheless. The easiest way to generate leads is to not exactly focus on lead generation but rather strive to bring value to your audience and engage them in meaningful conversations.

If you're offering what they are looking for, and if they trust you, there's no reason why they won't purchase from you. So, at the core, understand their needs and problems. And the craft your conversion strategy around that. Everything will fall in the right place.

6. Have an email marketing strategy in place

Once you have a list of emails, what now?

Or, most importantly, not all the emails you collected are hot lead or are ready to convert. How are you going to nurture them?

It's essential that you have a clear and well-devised email marketing strategy in place. This includes automating the process and running drip campaigns.

So, don't just focus on lead generation. A large part of your efforts will go waste if your conversion is, for example, 1%. Pay equal attention to lead nurturing through an effective email marketing strategy.

These are 6 lead generation tips for B2C brands.

Of course, it won't be easy. But if you're systematic in your approach, the path ahead is fairly simple. Good luck!