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7 Benefits of Fiber Consumption


  • Weights loss

Even if an increase in fiber intake is the only change that you bring to your diet the prospects of weight loss get better. Some research studies have shown that daily consumption of 30 grams of fiber without any other changes in food patterns can cause significant weight loss. Weight loss with an increase in fiber intake is comparable to the reduction caused by much more complex dietary interventions including restricted calories, fat, sugar, salt, vegetables, etc. Fiber-rich foods are known for filling us fasters keeping us filled and satisfied for a longer time but a less highlighted effect they have is that they prevent absorption of some of the calories from the food as it travels through our digestive tract.

  • Maintaining Healthier Weight Over Time.

Greeniche has Fiberight that help not only losing weight and but also keeps us putting the lost weight back on. People who consume more fiber are inclined to be leaner over time.

  • Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk.

Studies have found that people who took more than 26 grams of fiber every day have 18 percent fewer chances of developing type 2 diabetes as compared to the ones who consumed less than 19 grams daily. The researchers believe that the double effect of fiber i.e. keeping sugar levels steady in our blood and keeping us at a healthy weight may come together to decrease the chances of development of diabetes.

  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease.

Fiber plays an important role in heart health by controlling excess cholesterol in your system by ferrying it out. Excess cholesterol can clog our arteries and increase the risk of a heart attack.

  • Have Healthier Gut Bacteria.

As our gut bacteria gorge up fiber that has fermented in your Gastrointestinal tract, they make short-chain fatty acids that have a number of benefits. One of these befits is reducing inflammation in the system, which has been associated with obesity and almost all major chronic health problem.

  • Be more, well, regular.

Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems that we face. Fiberight makes excretion of waste materials from our body easy and fast.

  • All-Natural Detox.

Fiberight powder naturally cleans and helps the elimination of toxins from our gastrointestinal tract. Soluble fiber scrubs potentially harmful particles e.g. unhealthy fats and excess estrogens, before they are absorbed by the body. Insoluble fibers also make things move more quickly through the G.I. tract and in the process it limits the time harmful chemicals stay in your system.