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7 Design Tips for Contemporary Styled Kitchens


“To get some tips on contemporary kitchens, kindly give this blog a thorough read without any delay”.

Is your kitchen up-to-date? No? You are still hovering over that old, traditional design? Oh darling, then you need to give your kitchen the much-awaited makeover. Switch to a contemporary styled kitchen and make your guests and visitors jealous of you!

Trust me when I say this, with the right kitchen fitters St Neots, you can do a lot to your kitchen. You will be shocked once it's done. Just make sure you choose the right company so that there are no disasters. Your kitchen fitter must have an adequate amount of relevant experience to turn your kitchen dreams into reality.

Now the first thing which I want you to know is that contemporary kitchens are all about sharp lines, geometry, and minimalist design. They are beautiful and extremely convenient for the modern-day lifestyle. There would be minimalist cabinetry and neutral colours would dominate your kitchen, making it look fabulous and sophisticated. The best part about these kitchens is their elegance which never goes out of style.

And if you are wondering about the functionality, then let me tell you that you do not have to compromise on that either.

So here are a few design tips for you to scroll through:

Crisp white cabinets and countertops – For your modern kitchen, crisp white cabinets would be a great choice. To accompany that, you should opt for white countertops too. Yes, I know that maintaining it can be a little difficult but trust me, the outcome would be drool-worthy.

Stainless Steel Accents – Secondly, you can go for stainless steel accents. It would surely give your kitchen an uplift! It would make it look posh and pricey. A glass backsplash would add more to the glam factor.

If you like, then you can go for some stunning pieces of brassware as well.

Warm Wood Elements – If you have a thing for wooden elements, then do not get upset because you can use them in modern kitchens as well. Just talk to your kitchen fitter about the ones which you can incorporate in your kitchen and invest accordingly. Not all wooden elements would go for a contemporary kitchen, but many would. So take a decision accordingly.

Industrial Style: If you are a fan of industrial styles, then you can incorporate a few elements that represent the style. It would look stunning if done correctly. Contemporary kitchens can be played with – whether it’s the colours or the elements. I have personally designed kitchens that are a blend of traditional, contemporary as well as industrial designs.

Pops of Colours: No, contemporary does not mean you would just stick to nudes or whites. You should break the monotony and use bright pops of colours here and there. It could be the stools, a colourful bowl of fresh fruits, sofa cushions if you have a sofa in the kitchen, a vase of beautiful flowers, etc. It would just add the right dose of warmth to your kitchen.

Window Treatments: Do not ignore the window treatments when you are designing a contemporary kitchen. Roman or roller blinds would do justice to the overall interior. You can research online to get some more idea about the curtains that can be used.

Lights: You must opt for an architectural light fixture for the right balance. Yes, you read that right!

Apart from these elements, you can incorporate multiple marble surfaces, stone elements, etc to your dream kitchen. Your kitchen installer St Neots would surely help you with this.

Did you find the tips to be useful? If yes, then let me know!

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