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Akansha Verma

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7 Interesting Facts about Silestone Countertops


Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen can be confusing. There are various alternatives available today, making it difficult to pick the best. For instance, Silestone has been in the market for the past 20 years, but it is only in the recent years that it shot to popularity. It is a good choice to opt forSilestone worktops, but before you invest, learn the key facts about this quartz material.

7 facts about Silestone

It is basically quartz.
Silestone is an engineered stone, manufactured from natural quartz crystals. It is composed of 94 per cent quartz and the rest is a combination of resins and adhesives. Thus, it renders a high-end look without any requirement for high maintenance. Owing to its natural and man-made composure, it boasts of a non-porous structure that is apt for cladding the kitchen.

Comes in various shades.

7 Interesting Facts about Silestone Countertops

Known as one of the highest quality quartz surfaces, Silestone is aesthetically appealing with a riot of colours available for its design. Silestone Marengo looks enriching in its elegantly dark tinge that helps ambush stains and scratches, making it easy for maintenance. Silestone Lyra, on the contrary, is marble quartz that offers an adaptable and flexible surface. The material aptly works for flooring, staircases, bathroom, cladding, etc. The other colour options include Silestone Kensho, Silestone Calacatta Gold, and so on.

Silestone is resistant to stain.

Since the quartz has non-porous properties and is dense, it resists water from seeping inside. This means no sealing required, unlike granite which is a natural stone which requires sealing. As you know, the kitchen countertop is the most used and abused surfaced in the kitchen. Being the cook, it is the biggest plus point that you need not worry about permanent staining from oils, wine and coffee on your Silestone countertops.

Maintenance is easy.

The reason why Silestone is gaining increasing popularity is its easy maintenance attribute. Neither the quartz requires sealing and resealing, nor does it require resanding for any cuts and chips. The added advantage is quartz does not require polishing, owing to its natural glossy sheen.

Durability is the plus point.

The material is appreciated for its tough exterior. It is superbly resistant to scratches and is extremely durable that makes it an excellent choice for every kitchen. Although resistant to heat, it is not absolutely tagged as ‘scorch resistant’ that puts the caution of being careful when placing hot pans and pots.

Comes with a warranty period.

The warranty period is certified by the manufacturer from who you buy your Silestone slabs. Before making a transaction, consult with your Silestone seller for the specific warranty information.

A versatile material.

The stone is amazingly versatile and is used for floors, sinks, walls and shower trays apart from kitchen countertops.  Its versatile nature adds to the special choice for most buyers.

Irrespective of your kitchen size, Silestone worktops are accommodating and graceful. Truth is a kitchen must be stylish and functional, and this quartz material offers a great combo of personalizing your home space in a unique taste.