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Mr. Ravi Makhija

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7 Major E-commerce business ideas that can make you rich


The Internet is a very powerful medium through which you can deploy different business strategies or create new start-ups. E-commerce is a burgeoning phenomenon that is slowly replacing the traditional business models all over the globe. If we look at the trends, we will realize that in the coming decade, most of the business will be conducted online. This gives any entrepreneur tremendous scope to expand his/her business footprint through the Internet. In this article, we have mentioned in detail some excellent E-commerce business ideas that will help you to create a viable business model that will help you earn a profit.

7 Major E-commerce business ideas that can make you rich

1) Digital health services:

This is one of the fastest growing E-commerce models that you will find in the market today. Health is a very important subject and people like to have a second opinion regarding how to manage their health, buy medicines online, book anappointment with a specialist, learn some physical exercises or look for information regarding any other health-related services.

You can either build an E-commerce website that will provide the customers with these services or build a healthcare app through which people can buy any health product or book for any health-related services.

2) Niche food market:

Nowadays, people are extremely conscious about what they eat and drink. Middle and upper-middle-class people are ready to pay more to buy authentic organic food. You can capitalize on this demand by providing them with an online restaurant app from where they can buy authentic branded organic food. You can integrate this website with native apps that will allow the customer to easily look up, and buy the organic food of their choice through their smartphones.

3) Leverage community loyalty:

There are many well-organized communities in our society like vegan Society, animal Society, deaf and dumb society, the LGBT community and so on. Each of these communities has their special needs.

You should figure out what they require and then provide them with a custom-made solution with a mobile app. This is a great way to position your business model as it will give you a loyal customer base.

4) Target the education sector:

Education is big business nowadays and you can profit enormously if you provide your targeted audience with high-quality educational services which they need. Education is a vast sector and you can either provide students with some specialized services (for engineering, medical, or any other specialized branch) or you can give them a place where they can get information regarding different subjects.

You can create an E-commerce website to target audience from specific niche for gaining loyal followers who are looking for a specific solution for their unique problems or can give them a place where they can get reference materials regarding the subject. You can also develop an educational app and integrate with your website that provides services related to education.

This will help your students to contact you directly through their smartphone to get highly personalized service. Additionally, you can provide coaching services through education app, wherein registered students can get high-quality multimedia coaching on subjects of their choosing.

You can also make specialized apps that focus on providing students guidance about cracking competitive exams which will come with past year questions and their solutions.

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5) Local retail experience:

While online retail is a quite popular world over, the new E-commerce business plan includes providing a local solution to the customers. If you have a local brick and mortar retail store, then build an eCommerce app or website or both and connect with your local customers through the Internet.

In this plan, you can provide your loyal customer base with a unique solution wherein they can browse the article(s) they need and then place an order online and get the particular product delivered to their doorstep so that they don’t have to waste their time going out to shop.

What gives this business model the added strength is that the customer of your website or app knows your business and so they have a greater deal of confidence in your ability to provide them with the goods they have ordered for in a specific time compared to other multinational online retail chains which are more of a faceless entity.

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6) Travel and Tourism:

Travel and tourism is a booming sector of our economy. You can provide services related to this sector by developing a travel app or website related to providing solutions like reservation, transportation, information about tourist places and so on. You can develop a website or an app that will provide a one-stop solution for people looking to plan their travel.

7) Fashion:

This is another niche market that you can target by developing a website or a mobile app that will not only give information about latest trends in the market but also allow the customers to buy authentic & branded fashion items at competitive prices.

There are innumerable E-commerce business ideas that allow you to develop a viable business model. You have to research the market demand of these business ideas to ensure that the E-commerce website or app that you are trying to build is economically sustainable and will get you major traffic when launched. You should contact an E-commerce app development company to brainstorm your idea and give a shape to convert your idea into reality.

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