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Preeti Taneja

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7 Most Awaited Smartphone of 2019 (That MIGHT Change the Industry as We Know)


Let’s not play coy and get straight to the point. 2019 might just the year we get to see the first ever foldable smartphone—something that the world has been waiting for so (so….) long.

Rumoured to be named ‘Samsung Galaxy X’, Samsung gave a glimpse of the device in November 2018, soaring the excitement to newer heights.

The company is expected to launch this foldable phone somewhere in the middle of 2019. So, we’ve still got a lot of waiting to do; but it is certainly worth the wait.

(Note: Of course, I have skipped FlexPai. Although ambitious, it’s a poor excuse of being the world’s first foldable phone.)

Aside from the truly next-gen Samsung Galaxy X, there’s a host of other smartphones from different companies that will hit the market in 2019. For some, the expectations are much higher.

Here’s a list of 2019’s most anticipated smartphones to Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and more that might hit all the right notes with the consumers and change the industry as we know:

1. Google Pixel 4

Okay, Google Pixel 3 and 3XL did receive some flakes from the tech reviewers; for its battery life and overall display, in particular. But few can contend against its beautiful appearance and incredible camera quality. Besides, it’s from Google. To experience a wholesome internet experience with seamlessly integrated environment, the device from this tech-giant has to be of foremost choice. This is why a lot is expected from Google Pixel 4 this new year. The new launches are expected for October.

7 Most Awaited Smartphone of 2019 (That MIGHT Change the Industry as We Know)

2. Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei has upped its game as of late and the company has impressed the consumers with its great line of Smartphones. Its 2018’s launches – P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro – were a big success, gaining good ratings from the tech reviewers and YouTubers. Although Huawei continues to struggle with its ineffective branding strategy, it won’t be long before it joins the mainstream players, given the kind of products it has been bringing in the market in the past couple of years. Talking about P30 pro, the smartphone is expected to be launched in April. And if rumors are to be believed, the device can bring next-level of low-light photography.

(Courtesy: BGR India)

7 Most Awaited Smartphone of 2019 (That MIGHT Change the Industry as We Know)

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

As was expected, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 made all the right noise in the market. And it received good reviews from virtually every big name in the tech industry. So, unsurprisingly, its next launch, which is expected for August, has already got everyone waiting. The display of Samsung Note 10 is expected to be revolutionary. And the company might also do some changes in its S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

(Courtesy: SlashGear)

4. Apple iPhones

Headphone jacks aren’t returning to iPhones. ☹ But that hasn’t stopped people from waiting for newer iPhones. Although, right now, nothing is confirmed as to what new we might see in Apple’s “star product”—no one is even sure about the name. However, the market-wide anticipation is high. More so, given the fact that Samsung is going all-out this year; Apple must do something out-of-the-box to stay relevant in tech conversations. So, the new iPhones can be the game-changers.

(Courtesy: Trusted Reviews)

5. Nokia 9

Don’t count Nokia out just yet. The company still has a lot to offer. Sure, its previous launches failed to hit the notes as was expected. But Nokia still has fuel in aplenty. Nokia 9, which is expected for a March launch, promises a lot. If reports are to be believed, the Smartphone may be equipped with as many as five cameras at the back. No jokes! Besides, even when Nokia devices have failed to appeal the masses with their performance, they look marvelous. Nokia 9 might take that dominance in appearance to the next level.

Nokia 9

(Courtesy: NDTV Gadgets)

6. Xiaomi Mi 9

No doubt, Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing Smartphone companies in the world. It has set many benchmarks in the budget section of the Smartphone market, bringing massive competition on the scene that we see today. Mi 9 will be one of the flagships of Xiaomi. Although it would pack pretty great features that can outdo many “biggies”, its biggest USP would be, unsurprisingly, the low price. And it is something that will take away a decent portion of Samsung and Apple’s sales. Xiaomi Mi 9 is expected to be launched in February.

Xiaomi Mi 9

(Courtesy: India Today)

7. Motorola G7, G7 Plus

Ever since the massive success of G4 and G4 Plus, Motorola is back on the map. And it has created quite some market ripples in recent time. With its G7 and G7 launch, which could happen anywhere between March and April, the company is ready to disrupt the market again. Also, with its newer generation of phones, Motorola is also expected to jump in the bandwagon of notch lovers. These phones will have bigger screens, at least two cameras in the back and, of course, the classic hippy-Motorola feel.

Motorola G7, G7 Plus

(Courtesy: BGR India)

These are 7 most awaited Smartphones of 2019.

Some honorary mentions include LG G8 ThinkQ, OnePlus 7 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro.

So, if you’re planning to get yourself a new phone, 2019 might just be the greatest year to do that. Wait as the year progresses and you will see some great Smartphone launches.