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7 Qualities of the best managed dedicated server hosting


7 Qualities of the best managed dedicated server hosting

Seeking for the best hosting services is not easy. Currently, numerous firms are providing managed hosting for interested companies and individuals. However, not every hosting company guarantees quality services. Some have frustrated most people before. It is wise to know ways of identifying the best host. Listed are the qualities of the finest managed hosting provider.

99% uptime

The great hosts focus more on increasing the uptime of the server. That would enable every website hosted in the server to perform better. The hosting provider will continuously maintain 99% uptime every time. That would make their managed dedicated hosting services the best choice in the market. That is because everyone is interested in acquiring high quality hosting for greater performance.


The speed of the server is an important aspect to be considered when picking a host. The finest hosts will invest in new tech machines and equipment. They will update the software on time to ensure the server works faster. When the server speed increases, the websites will load faster. That will offer great user experience for the clients. Exceptional hosts have fast servers.


The firms that provide managed dedicated server hosting should give more storage space to the users. For instance, the businesses in need of hosting services are expected to grow. These businesses need more storage space to accommodate the growth. Migrating to a new host after growth will limit the success of the businesses. Great hosts ensure there is scalability to support growth.


The best hosting providers are keen on protecting the server from hacking or data loss. The reliability of the hosting services mainly anchors on security. No one will be interested in hosting their business in an insecure server. That would result in loss or exposure of sensitive info. Great hosts invest in highly advanced features. They regularly update the security features to prevent hacking.

Backup generator

There are certain circumstances the hosts cannot control. Hence, they must be prepared to prevent server breakdown when such instances occur. For instance, there might be power outage. That would shut down all the servers. Websites hosted on the servers will be unavailable online. The finest providers for managed dedicated hosting invest in backup generator.

Sensible pricing

The main objective of the hosts is generating income. The sustenance of their operations depends heavily on the revenue they obtain. However, some hosts hike the prices. They are mainly in need of more cash from every client. That makes sustaining their services financially burdensome to the clients. The best experts are sensible in pricing yet their hosting services is impressive.

Support services

The exceptional hosts are aware they cannot serve the clients effectively without support services. The clients obtaining managed dedicated server hosting can report any problem via the support services. The provider will offer solutions via the support system. The hosts offer support services 24/7. Hence, clients can report problems and get instant solution at any time. That increases reliability of the host.


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