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Lina Carner

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9 Tips to Impress Your Teachers


It’s a dream of all students to be in the good books of their teachers. But, of course, it’s easier said than done. Teachers have their own capacity in terms of who they remember, interact with and give most of their attention to. Meaning, if you’re looking to impress them, you’ve got to go out of your way to outdo your classmates to win the largest pie of teachers’ attention.

Here are 9 tips to help you do that:

9 Tips to Impress Your Teachers

1. Be good in studies- This goes without saying. Teachers adore those students who are good in studies. So, if you want them to like you, you’ve got to brace up to study hard.

2. Be attentive in class- How would you feel when you’re talking to someone and they don’t pay you the needed attention? You would feel hurt and less important. Imagine you doing the same thing to your teachers. How would they feel? So, in class, always pay attention to what the teacher is saying.

3. Ask good questions- You feel good when someone makes you feel intelligent or smart, don’t you? Teachers are no different. When you ask them questions about what they are teaching, this will not only give them a good impression about you (that you’re listening to them) BUT it also makes them feel good about themselves. Because you made them feel like they know more than you.

Ask good questions

4. Keep your behavior in check- No one likes rude and undisciplined students. So, keep your behavior in check. Follow the rules. Be nice and polite to everyone, and not just the teachers.

5. Chill with the right crowd- If you’re hanging out with the bad crowd who are poor in studies, you will come off similarly. However, if you’re spending your time with good students who are polite and studious, you will yourself come off as polite and studious. And this will leave a good impression about you on your teachers. They will know you’re good and this will impress them.

6. Appear good- Appearance does matter. If you’re dressed in a dirty uniform and tie is losing low, this comes off as quite a bad behavior and personal attitude. However, if you look sleek and clean, this will exude good energy from you, which will catch your teachers’ attention. So, be clean all the time, smell good, and dress in the right way.

7. Always be punctual- Be on time in your class. No excuses for this. This shows your dedication to the course, as well as a good personal attitude in general. Leave teachers, it will impress everyone.

8. Do your homework- Again, quite a common thing. You MUST do your homework.

Do your homework

9. Show your personal side- If you want to get close to your teachers, your efforts must go beyond the standard “do your homework” “be polite” and so forth. This is how you edge your classmates who are competing for the teachers’ attention. You can do this by showing your personal side to the teachers. For example, run into them outside the school and wish them well. Or, ask for their help in your personal problems; like, if you’re stressed or going through a depressing phase, you can seek their help or advice. They would be more than happy to help you. And this might change the dynamic between the two, making you her/his favorite student.

These are 9 tips on how you can impress your teachers.

Be persistent in your efforts. And you will soon find yourself at the top of her/his good book.