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Harry James

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A “Beber Y A Tragar, Que El Mundo Se Va Aacabar” – The “Eat, Drink And Be Merry” Side Of Toledo


Spanish cuisine is shaped by the natural ingredients available in the regions in and around Toledo, which makes it a delicious holiday destination. The rich history of invasions that brought along different cooking styles and techniques spun even some of the middle eastern cooking magic to make the deal even more special. The Spanish are very fond of their cooking skills and take a lot of pride in their culinary accomplishments, and this shows when the tourists are drawn in huge numbers here just to enjoy the food and drinks. The tapas and the wine you can have here are unrivaled.Before you buy some cheap flight tickets to Toledo, here is a list of places to eat in Toledo and what to eat while you are there.

  • Restaurante Tobiko. This restaurant defines itself as a modern European cuisine experience. The food they serve is Spanish with a hint of influence from other parts of the world. There is a set menu for 20 Euros that will buy you good quality and quantity of food. The service is commendable.
  • Restaurante Adolfo. It is simply the finest restaurant in Toledo. The menu available here is quite elaborate with exquisite Spanish delicacies on the offer. They even have a terrace seating with wonderful views of the city – and the cathedral just next door.
  • La Abadia. This restaurant is placed in the center of the city. The place offers different sitting options and has a menu offering good quality food for a very reasonable price. You can either choose from a set menu or order individual dishes that will leave you craving for more as the food is simply delicious.
  • Patata y Olé! Although not a traditional Spanish food place, it has something going on for itself. This place is a fast food joint with potato as the central ingredient, as the name suggests. The meals are full filling and tasty. They even offer nuggets and other meat options in case you are not interested in potatoes.
  • Casa Valero. This place offers some seriously delicious Spanish food. They have a bar with exquisite wine and beer selection and a fine dining room where you can have a meal along with drinks. The food is made here with utmost care and it shows when you get pleasantly surprised by the flavors and freshness of the dishes. The seafood available here is exceptional and worth coming back for.
  • Hierbabuena. With the views of the valley around Toledo and the terrace seating this place already has a lot going for itself even before you order food. The food here is as remarkable as the tastefully decorated place. It is worth your time and money for sure.
  • La Mar Salá. This restaurant masters the art of rice and seafood. They insist that the taste of their dishes depends on the fresh and best ingredients they use. It is just a short walk away from the city center. Their wine selection is admirable, and the service is pleasing.
  • AlqahiraRincón de Oriente. This old town restaurant is a representative of the multicultural history of the city with it's middle eastern cuisine. Although the menu is not very elaborate but it is compensated by the fresh homemade ingredients. The dessert baklava is something to write home about and a crowd favorite.

If you are planning a trip to Toledo, then prepare yourself to submerge yourself into the Spanish cuisine. You can find cheap flights to Toledo quite easily as it is a small train ride away from Milan. Book cheap flight tickets to Toledo and spend the saved money on the food when you are there.