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A Bike Ride to Munroe Island


A Bike Ride to Munroe Island

Best way to make the journey to Munroe Island is through train where you will be passing by several bridges on both sides covered with rivers that would be a feast for the eye, there is a railway station in the name Munrothruttu where you can directly land over the place. Second best way to reach the place is by bike were a group of likeminded roamers would plan to go on several locations of nature’s place like Kerala. One can enjoy the beautiful landscape when reaching the place it looks greener with the effects of giving reference to name “God’s own country”. The roadways became narrow reaching near the island; it is enough for two bikes to ride simultaneously single direction. On the way, there are also water transport boats available for local commutation that used most by the people. Munroe Island is located 28 km from Kollam and around 80 km from Trivandrum international airport where a bike ride would change the way we see Kerala.

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On the way of several tourist spots in Kerala like Varkala beach, waterfalls etc one must spend an enormous amount of time on Munroe Island to go on a ride for canoe tours and houseboat trips, but, first to reach there on by road and even make the ferry to carry the bike on for some distance with a little extra charge on reaching other side of shore. Reach one of the best resorts covered with backwaters, small ponds, and lake namely Munroe Island lake resort with luxury rooms.

Let’s park the bike aside in the resort and refresh ourselves by start fishing in the pond, catch them and request the chef with a favored dish to prepare to say fish curry (Vegetable recipes separately) and traditional foods served with fresh banana leaf best to its taste. After resting while in the A/C cooled room, get ready for canoeing service in the evening by paying Rs.500 per head, which resort would help in arranging it. Enjoy a 3-hour journey in the canals of Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River passing by a number of natural things like birdlife (during the season), fish and prawn farms, coconut groves, temples and church with a complete village view.

Believe in changing your life into a peaceful one then reach out to Backwaters of kerala to makememories at Munroe Islandyour vacation more fun and rejoicing yourselves. There is also a houseboat service were the rooms are allocated with attached bathroom, and a separate kitchen with pre-loaded essentials for the cooking, TV and more importantly the open space with water. Can reach destined locations by staying several day and nights in the boat or do an hourly based leisure with all the entertainment and flew with nature. Enjoy several days out in the outskirts of Kerala in all possible places bring back an unforgettable memory with you by a solo bike ride or with your group members.


To stay in backwater resorts get Munroe Island lake resort contact here, do a self-search on your motorbike with the GPS navigation system to help in reaching the correct place at the defined time, from wherever to Kerala.