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Vanisha Anand

CONTENT WRITER | Posted on |

A guide for communication


Communication is the first step in building a small relationship. Relationships between two or more are built when they take efforts and initiatives to prove them. It forms pillars that help in developing the base of a relationship. Both males and females have different perspectives of seeing the environment they live in. Communication is a key element for understanding and successful conversations or relationships. Both males and females assume that they are experts at a successful communication process but they are not. However, men have been found to be poorer in the field of communication than women and especially when it comes to face-to-face communication.

It seems that communication is easy but yet it seems very difficult for men to understand it when it comes to women. Few men usually find long and lengthy conversations uncomfortable for themselves. They fail to understand the right manner to accomplish it in a proper way.

To have successful and well-accomplished communication men usually find a way to look out for suggestions from friends and close people. They also tend to have a guide that can instruct what can be done and how it is done to smoothen communication with the opposite sex.

Below mentioned are some of the basic tactics which can embrace the way of one's communication style and enhance it more.


It is of utmost importance for the men to have a clear mindset that before they speak anything, it is vital to listen to the women's side as well. They should be patient enough to handle lengthy conversations with them. Women expect men to be great active listeners. Suggestions and feedback are a form of gesture during a conversation. At some point, men usually think that the conversation they are having is not important to them, but apparently, it is to the women, and men are expected to be patient and also active during the conversation. For once, keeping the ego aside doesn't lower down the masculinity of men. When a woman is having a conversation, she is sharing an important part of her life which she can't share with someone else.

A guide for communication


After a long day of working, men prepare to relax and enjoy the time with some extracurricular activities at their homes. Women intend to talk on text, call or face to face about there and how it went. This small conversation gives women the satisfaction of a completely relaxing day. The kind of word and pattern of delivering the message during a conversation is very important. Messages conveyed in the conversation by the Men should be in a positive and emotional way because women are sensitive.


It is very important for everyone to have a shoulder beside them to stand when they need it in their negative or sad moments. Women, being sensitive, didn't need a man when they were feeling very low or down. The communication between a man and a woman when she is at her lowest level is very important. Emotions and the damage inside her come out in the form of tears sometimes. It is very important for men to understand that they have to be patient with women in each and every situation. They have to value and support and nurture emotions and feelings when they need them the most. Showing some love and affection can change the lowest situation into a joyous one.


It is very important for men to take notes about the above-mentioned points. The need of a man to have a successful and an enhanced form of communication in the conversation the man has to be patient and well supportive towards the women. There is a key element in a conversation that built the whole bond and stabilizes the conversation between two people of the opposite sex. Mutual understanding between the boat and how they react to their problems and how they implement the required solution is very important for a relationship.