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Shailendra Kumar

Finance Advisor | Posted on |

A Guide to the Features and Specs of the Gionee X1


Smartphones have emerged as one of the most vital things we own today. A smartphone not only helps you make calls and connect with your loved ones but also multitask with ease. Smartphones have simplified many tasks such as paying utility bills online, booking travel and movie tickets, connect with friends over social media platforms and much more. You can also play games, watch movies, videos, and a do a lot of other stuff on it. In short, the introduction of smartphones has made our lives easy. 

Many smartphone manufacturers in India, and one of them is Gionee. The manufacturer is known for offering a range of smartphones, which cover almost every price category. In this article, we have focused our attention on to the Gionee X1, which is a latest mobile under 10000 and can make your life easy. 

Specification of the Gionee X1

5-inch display screen

8-megapixel front and rear camera

1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor


16GB internal storage, and can be expanded up to 256GB with a microSD card.

Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System

3000mAh battery

By simply looking over the specifications, you must have realized that this is a decent smartphone. But what you don't see is the list of additional features. These unique functions take the Gionee X1 to a new level altogether. Also, when you compare the Gionee X1 price to these features, you understand the true potential of the device.

Top 5 Gionee X1 features

1. Fingerprint sensor

With such a low cost, the Gionee X1 still offers a fingerprint sensor. The sensor is located at the back of the phone and can be accessed easily. This facility is primarily seen in smartphones that are above the range of Rs.10,000.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor also makes your smartphone look trendy. It is a major security feature, which means, no one else can unlock your device. It is an ideal way of keeping your files and conversations safe. 

2. Glove typing mode

Have you tried typing on your smartphone while wearing gloves? If you have, then you know how difficult it can be! Whether it is during winters or riding a bike, gloves are essential, so avoiding them is not a possibility. The only other alternative is removing the gear every time you want to type something.

The brand kept this requirement in mind and created the improved Gionee X1. The smartphone offers a glove typing mode. By switching it on, the touch sensitivity of your smartphone screen increases. It means, even if you click on it lightly, the phone will be able to understand your command. 

3. Front camera flash

The primary camera of a smartphone usually comes with a LED flash. It is very common in devices of different price range as well. However, a front flash is something that only the elite mobile devices display. It is exactly what you get with the Gionee X1.

The Gionee X1 offers high-power front flash, which will assist you while clicking selfies. Since the secondary camera is usually configured at a lower specification, you have to compromise on the picture quality. But with the Gionee X1 front flash, you will not have to worry about any such issues. 

4. Smart eye protection mode

A smartphone is used for a number of different activities. One of them, which make a list, is reading books. With the invention of eBooks, more and more people have started reading them, through their mobile device. However, the small screen size and low brightness of the smartphone can make reading difficult.

To help users with this situation the Gionee X1 has introduced a smart eye protection mode. Once this mode is switched on, the brightness of the screen is adjusted automatically. It gives you a pleasant reading condition so that you do not strain your eyes. 

5. Child lock 

Last but definitely not least! With the Gionee X1, you also get a child lock feature. Kids have the habit of grabbing onto anything that they see. Usually, it is their parent's smartphones. If the screen of your mobile is not locked, then they might be able to make calls or watch videos. 

But the Gionee X1 child lock keeps them from doing the same. There are certain differences between a child lock and other security measures. In child lock mode, you can still have some icons present on the screen. These can be any apps, which you want your child to have access. 

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