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A Guideline On How To Make Your Move Easier And Better


“To know how to make your move smoother and faster, please read this blog without any delay. It will guide you in a proper way”.

Let’s get this straight – relocations are quite tricky, irrespective of the distance invoked between the current and the new house. Trust me on this and this is the reason why I always ask people to start the move planning at least two months prior to the move date. Also, I advise them to hire a moving company and that too, a month before the real date so that they can choose dates which are not really busy and according to their convenience. When you are relocating, you are actually going to start a new life in the new abode, and hence, there should be no compromise on your part.

Also, make sure you choose the best Anaheim moving company out there after doing proper research. You must go through reviews, talk to the professionals and know about how they work and also check the website before hiring. If you hire the wrong company, then everything can result in a blunder! And here are a few things you need to do. I am mentioning week-wise so that it is more convenient for you all.

8 weeks prior to the move

Eight weeks prior to the move, you need to start a folder with a complete checklist of things you have to move, things you want to donate, estimates, etc. You also need to do an inventory of the things you need to get into boxes.

Visit your new house and take pictures, and decide where you will put in your belongings.

6 weeks prior to the move

Now you need to research about Laguna Niguel movers and pick the best one. Check references and social media websites so that you only hire the best one.

It is also mandatory to review your mover’s insurance. You should also give a call to utility companies. If you are hiring a moving company, you do not need to think too much about the travel arrangements of your belongings as they will have their own truck. But you do need to make your own traveling plan.

4 weeks prior to the move

Even if you are hiring a moving company, I would suggest you not to keep everything for them. For example, you should keep the important things such as documents, gems and jewels, and other precious and irreplaceable things with yourself. And you need to pack them as well. At this point of time, you also need to change your address and let your friends, relatives, banks, magazines and newspapers providers, etc know about the same.

2 weeks prior to the move

If you are done packing the vital things, pack a bag where you will keep the most used items such as charger, lotion, face wash, soap, tissue, basic makeup, laptops, medicines, and toiletries, etc.

You also need to defrost your fridge during this time, which is quite a task. Get your house cleaned (if necessary) for the new tenants.

Moving Day

Hopefully, your Anaheim moving company would take care of most of the things. Try to arrive ahead of the moving truck and coordinate with the company.

Arrive ahead of the moving truck. Give yourself plenty of time to figure out furniture arrangement and where things go.

Direct the operation. Explain your system to the moving firm’s foreman, and give him a copy of the spreadsheet before his team begins working. Instruct them about which furniture would go into which corner and related things.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. If yes, then do not forget to leave a thumbs up. And to know more about the same and get important tips, please read my next blogs.

Author Bio: Jeff, a regular blogger on Anaheim moving company, gives a complete moving guideline here. To know about Laguna Niguel movers, read his articles and blogs.