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A quick recap of three amazing days in Nashville


Many instructive sessions more than three days
Simple systems administration with best music brands, for example, Spotify, YouTube, Shure, Spire, thus some more
The opportunity to stick with performers from everywhere throughout the world
One-on-one mentorship with industry experts
Exhibiting and advancement openings
Also, the experience of gaining from similarly invested DIY craftsmen
Compact disc Baby designs the initial five of those visual cues, and indeed, we're extremely glad for how much consideration we provide for programming pertinent sessions with noteworthy guidance, just as arranging a lot of cool encounters
Yet, participants expedite the vast majority of the enchantment that last point, and it's truly what puts our gathering over the best: Community. Indeed, my most loved snapshot of the entire end of the week was eating on Saturday night with a bunch of participants, and sharing what we'd discovered that day as well as tips we'd gotten en route in our ordinary endeavors to make and advance unique music.
There's a genuine feeling of family at the DIY Musician Conference.
Or on the other hand rather, numerous little and covering families. These gatherings of outside the box artists meet at the meeting and afterward keep on helping each other for quite a long time to come. At CD Baby, we can applaud ourselves for the meeting's engaged music-business instruction, however the thing we're proudest of is the thing we can assume minimal praise for — DIY artists helping each other.
Getting together at the DIY Musician Conference
Increasing your music amusement: Playlisting, YouTube, songwriting, group building, email advertising, copyright, and the sky is the limit from there
There were many sessions amid the meeting, and we live-spilled fifteen of the discussions that occurred in the assembly hall.