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Act like a lady, think like a boss!


Act like a lady, think like a boss!

In the world full of feminists and anti-feminists, try and act like no one but a lady, a graceful lady who exactly knows what are her rights as per the society, religion and the social customs.

This piece of content calls out all the young and emerging girls confused between the dos and don’ts in the world where females are considered equal to the males, which is so not true. Why? Let’s scroll and know!

Know your worth

You are a woman, you are made unique, beautiful and talented. This clearly doesn’t mean the men are any less or more but yes, each gender has some specific characteristics that the other lacks.

As a woman, you must know your rights and the rights of the man upon you.

Why would you want to stand equal to the man? You yourself are the strongest as a woman.

Do the men suffer that time of the month when the body aches like hell and the mood swings attack and damages the best of the relationships? Are they really able to survive that week of the month when your favorite food tastes like poison and the thighs seem to be cut by a hot iron rod?

Are they able to bear all the pain of those nine months carrying a baby in their wombs?

Some of them can’t even stand the delivery procedure and refuse to walk in the labor room. They sometimes even can’t deal with our mood swings as well. Do they wish to bear all this? No! A big No! Then why a woman wishes to be equal to a man?

But, yet again, a lady is the one who knows that they are not made for these hardships, they are made for something that we can’t bear. Like lifting heavy weights on regular basis or carpeting the roads in the scorching heat, driving the crane etc. And even if the women claim or try to accept these as a challenge, the 90% of them would end up in the emergency wards of the hospitals in a week or two because of the immune system that a woman possess, it is weak as compared to the man who is able to bear these hardships on daily basis.

A wise woman is unstoppable

As soon as you realize your own worth, you start to act accordingly, focusing on the tasks that are more important than the equality debates because again, you are the one who is made for some specific errands of life…

Act smart when going out flaunting your Levi’s denim, because although you understood your worth they still underestimate you at times. Never compromise on any kind of harassment either at home or at the workplace, you need to stay vigilant about everything! Take strict and quick actions about anything illegal that makes you feel uncomfortable at any level. A lady who thinks like a boss is always fire ready for the chaos that the life may throw at her.

Dress to impress yourself

The physical appearance counts a lot but remember, you were not born to please anyone at any stage, right? Same goes with the outfits you choose, they must be solely your choice rather the people explaining to you what suits you and what not, unless they are the professional experts.

For instance, if you are planning to visit Levi’s promo code and they are offering you a discount code but you are a bit confused about what would suit you among two different styles from the sale when you like both of them, then there are the experts who guide you according to your age, weight, and personality.


A wise, young and passionate lady knows her limits and she accept the fact that the only hand that rubs the sore thighs at the end is her own hand which means that she needs to please no one but herself and lives for her happiness, betterment and, wellbeing. Rather than indulging into the useless arguments of being compatible with the totally opposite gender she realizes her worth and make the right career choices on her own and think a step ahead at every phase of her life to avoid the regrets later.

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