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Advantages of Tin Cans Over Plastic Containers

Blog: Advantages of Tin Cans Over Plastic Containers

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Advantages of Tin Cans Over Plastic Containers

Cans are a good choice for retailers as well as households to store food, paints, cookies, beverages and many such big and small items. While plastic has been dominating for a long time, people are becoming more cautious about their choices and increasingly preferring cans to store and sell their products. This is a good trend and good quality cans have benefits more than one. They are eco-friendly, easy to stack and store, reusable, biodegradable and with new innovative technologies, it is now also possible to get decorative and fashionable cans that are modern and stylish. The Cadbury celebrations can that you see comes with nice colours and attractive packing. Similarly, cookie cans like Oreo and Britannia are beautifully done. Some flights like Indigo promote the use of cans and give dry fruits and cookies in quality cans that you can retain and reuse.

Why use cans in place of plastics

Cans are robust and easily score over plastic. They are light-weight and come in any size and shape that you can think of. For example, the cake and cookie cans are generally round in shape, whereas milk shakes, fruit juices and other beverages come in a cylindrical can. It is easy to carry these cans when you travel. The re-closable cans are another variety which are convenient to open and close, reusable and need no additional packing. The tight lid ensures there is no leakage.

There are special cans (open top sanitary cans) for storing processed foods like cut fruits, vegetables, fish, sweets (rasgulla and gulab jamun), cheese and so on. These are air-tight and retain freshness and nutritional value of the product stored inside the cans. These are made to be tamper and leak proof. In India, usage of processed foods is quite low, however wherever possible plastics and other harmful materials can be replaced by these light weight and robust cans.

All in all, cans are a good choice for storage and stacking purposes and you can use them for almost everything! Always prefer buying canned foods compared to foods that are sold in plastic packets.

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