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Neha Kaul

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All about Researchers- Eligibility & Curriculum of PhD


When you begin with a research idea for a particular topic, you must be very sure that the idea of the same must have not been opted by any other previously. When a research begins, the one undergoing the same must make sure that they have researched about the topic well and discovered all possible facts about the same. The aspirant must make sure that they have spent time on the same in advance to realize if the topic is relative and they can overcome the best results pertaining to the same topic. Investigating all the old ideas about the topic that one must have chosen earlier, can help the aspirants in settling out all the disputes that arise during the studies of PhD. Instead of choosing a unique idea, make sure that you choose an idea that may have been opted earlier but recreating the topic with deliberative effective research on the same so as to come up with a unique presentation.

All about Researchers- Eligibility & Curriculum of PhD

Eligibility for PhD

• The eligibility that is required for every PhD aspirant is a Master’s Degree in any of the discipline (Sciences/ Technology/ Management/ Social Sciences/ Commerce) with a good aggregate score from any recognized University or Institution.

• The students must have accomplished a Bachelor’s Degree with a relevant score in GATE from any recognized University or institution in any of the discipline (if want to pursue PhD in any of the engineering streams).

About PhD at JKLU

PhD Research requires a lot of effort and patience that the students must keep in order to arrive into the required effective result. Once a student arrives at a decision about opting for the PhD research studies, their patience is tested again and again in the course of study.

 The students must make sure that they get in touch with the topic and research the same so as to come up with productive points that support the topic as well as critically analysis it.

 The foremost thing that the aspirants need to understand while opting for research methodologies is that they must be familiar with the topic of the thesis with all its pros and cons, and always be open to answer every possible question arising out of the same.

 Commence with the considerable amount of reading all the sections after a keen research on the topic and then land into the group discussion about the same with all possible acknowledgements.

 One must not be too ambiguous about their topic of research and must be very comprehensive with the research so that they do not end up with doubts or hassles related to the same.

 Reading more and more from various trusted sources is the most useful task that the students can undergo and this helps them analyze every dimension of their chosen topic and realize their appropriate solution.

 It is necessary on the part of the students to gather advices from the people who have already accomplished their research thesis methodology on the topic chosen by them so that they can ensure that they have all the possible answers for investigation on it further.

 Expand your potentialities and go beyond your comfort zone in researching about the research topic chosen for thesis.

About JK Lakhsmipat University

With its inception in the year 2011 in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan JK Lakshmipat University has attained the 125 years legacy of the JK Organization. With the immense rise in the technological edge, the University has always stepped forward in making its students study and excel in all the their weak areas with excellent infrastructure of 30 acre and a well known faculty to make them life ready through the re-imaging of education with the 21st skills.