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All the different ways to get Turkish visa.


As the times are changing, people are going for multiple passports as it doesn’t come with just one but many opportunities. You could see a lot of immigrants who are choosing Turkey dual citizenship as the country is full or resources and multiple opportunities.

Moreover, people are choosing the country to even study or work for a while and then apply for the permanent residency of the country. There are different kinds of visa for the different purposes that people have while they are visiting the country. If you are planning to stay in the country for more than 90 days then you would be needing a visa. Most often people get confused about the visa which they can submit the application so here is a detailed description of all the different ways to get Turkish visa.

Turkish visas are categorized broadly into two categories; one is the single-entry visa and the other is the multiple-entry visa. The tourist visa or the boundary visa is usually the single-entry visa and only once the applicant can enter the country with that visa. Work and student visas are the ones which give you multiple-entry and the applicants who have a student or work visa can enter the country multiple times with the same visa.

Tourist visa

It is issued to travelers and tourist who wouldn’t be getting visa at the time of arrival. They are usually valid for 90 days and allow a single-entry for the applicant. The tourist visa needs to be applied from the Turkish consulate situated in your origin of country.

Business Visa

It is very similar to the tourist visa but it is issued to people who are visiting the country to attend some meeting, conference or lectures. It is also valid for 90 days and is a single-entry visa.

Student Visa

This visa is targeted towards the students who want to get enrolled in a Turkish university, school or college. The student is required to have an approval from the school which proves that he/she has enrolled in it. The applicant is required to register for the Foreigner’s Branch of the local police station within the 30 days of his/her arrival. There would be unlimited exits and entries allowed to the student as long as the visa is valid.

Residence Visa

If the applicant wants to live in the country then he/she would have to apply for the residence visa. The application would be submitted along with all the documents to the Turkish embassy two months prior to the departure.

Work Visa

The employer is required to send the documents to the Turkish Ministry of Labour after the applicant has submitted the application. The department then takes 90 days to process the application.