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All You Want to Know About HDFC Credit Card here


HDFC Bank is a leading private sector bank of India which offers attractive banking products for its customers. Credit cards are one such popular product of the bank which are used by many individuals. They come in different variants and promise attractive rewards and privileges to cardholders. However, many potential customers don’t know everything about the bestcredit cards. So, for them, here is a guide to everything about HDFC Bank’s credit cards –

• Types of cards

As stated earlier, HDFC Bank offers a range of credit cards for meeting the needs of different customers. As such, there are a variety of cards offered by the bank. Some popular types of cards which the bank issues include premium cards, lifestyle cards, travel cards, shopping cards, cash back cards, airline cards, co-branded credit card and corporate credit cards. So, you should first understand your requirement and then apply for a card which meets your requirements.

• Interest and charges

Credit cards always come with a late payment interest and other charges associated with them. Late payment interests are when you default on your credit card bill payment. Different cards have a different late payment interest rate which starts at 1.99% per month and goes up to 3.49% per month. Moreover, other charges are also associated with the card which should also be kept in mind before using the card.

• Joining and annual fee

Whenever you apply for a card, you would have to pay a joining fee for the same. Moreover, an annual fee is also payable for using the card every year. However, in case of joining, cardholders are given lump sum reward points and other privileges which compensate the joining fee paid. Similarly, the fee is also reversed if there is a specified amount of transaction done using the card within the first 45-60 days of getting the card. Moreover, a few cards offered by the bank have no joining or annual fee.

• Eligibility parameters

Different credit cards have different eligibility requirements. However, some basic criteria include the following –

• Income of the applicant:. In case of salaried the minimum income starts from INR 12, 000 and for self-employed the income is INR 25, 000 and above

• Credit score:. Credit cards are offered to individuals having a score of 700 and above

• Age: The age limit is 21 years to 60 years for users of HDFC Bank credit cards

• Lastly, if you have an existing relationship with the bank, you can get a card easily. However, the card is also available to non-customers of the bank

• Documents required

You are also required to submit some of your documents when you apply for HDFC Bank’s credit cards. These documents include your identity proof, address proof and income proof. Your photograph and the application form of the credit card, along with the joining fee would also be submitted when you apply for the card.

• Reward program

HDFC Credit cards offer reward points, discount coupons and vouchers, cash backs, discounts at merchant outlets, fuel surcharge waivers, free airport lounge access, membership to elite clubs, etc. to cardholders. The reward program varies with the card applied for and should be checked.

These are the most important aspects of HDFC credit cards which you should know about before you apply for the card so that you get the most suitable card.

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