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Amazing Ways For Your Dog To Play A Role In Your Wedding Celebrations


A lot has been spoken of brides and grooms- from their wedding attires to how to shop for them, our couples probably know every odd thing about their wedding. What we haven’t talked about is the participation of our family at our wedding ceremonies.

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by their families on their wedding day? By family, we also include our cute little bundles of joy covered in furs- our dogs. All the pet-lovers out there would agree that they simply cannot afford to miss their loved ones on their special day.

Neither do we want you to leave your favorites at home. You definitely must have thought of carrying your pets along. Instead of letting them just run around the wedding premises, you can make them take parts in your ceremonies and you never know, your dog could turn out to be the cutest attraction of your wedding day. Trust me, girl, they can surpass your cuteness too!

There are a lot of roles that your dog can play for you. But, Before you assign them any role, take a moment and invest in thinking about their temperament. Judge their personality well and then assign their roles. Whatever be its personality, some of the roles that you can assign them are-

1. Carry your ring

This is the oldest trick that you can apply to have your dog participate in your wedding. You can attach the ring to its collar or place it on a cushion on its back for a more elegant look. You can choose whichever way you think is best, but remember you must trust your dog for whichever role you choose him.

2. Bear signs

This is another way to charge up the ‘aww’ factor. Your dog can turn up to be the sign bearer for you. If you have planned an outdoor wedding, your dog can be representing complicated directions.

3. Flower bearer

While you make your way to the podium, young girls sprinkle flowers on you. This is probably the best part of your wedding. How about replacing your flower girls with your dog? If not totally replace, he can definitely be an addition to it. But, make sure your dog does not carry any such flower that might prove harmful in case it ends up biting it.

4. The Bouquet

Brides carry a basket of flowers or a bouquet while walking down the aisle. How about carrying your Chihuahua instead? A fully dressed dog can easily call a defeat for the bouquet.

5. Bridesmaid or Groomsman

Your dog is also your best friend so it definitely deserves to be a part of the bridesmaid or groomsmen group. The best is, you can even make it your maid of honor or the best man. Imagine your dog standing in a tuxedo beside you- won’t that be a perfect picture?

6. Show you the path

How about your dog leading you the way till the podium? You would want someone trustworthy to lead you down the aisle, whom could you rely upon apart from your best friend?

7. Make their presence felt

You know, sometimes, it can happen that no matter what you do, you cannot find a suitable role for your dog on your wedding day. No matter, if they cannot be present physically, they can definitely join you in spirits. You can include your dog in the cake topper, or make sure they are present during the photography session.

While there are many ways in which you can make your dog a part of the celebration– simply as an honored guest or as the ring bearer or as the flower bearer. At the same time, you also need to make sure that it feels comfortable and is not irritated by the time-consuming rituals.

Here are a few ways how you can keep your pet calm throughout the wedding ceremonies.