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Ashwani aalok

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Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip ~ Good Things Come in Small Packages


Our car is much more than a means of transport. We spend our busy days rushing to office or our leisure family vacations traveling in it. We choose our vehicle to great care, pamper it and take pride in it. A month back, I got Ambi Pur Mini Car Vent Clip from Indiblogger and it became an accessory of our car.

Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip - Lavender Comfort

What I instantly liked about it was its size. It is Compact. You can place it on any side and it doesn't intrude into your space. I remember earlier we had these bulky car fragrance bottles that looked quite out of place in the car. But Ambi Pur mini car vent looks sleek and its design fits well with other car accessories. With grey and black exterior, it looks modern and the color of your fragrance makes sure to add splash, without being boring.

Mini Vent Clip - Sleek N Compact

Now, I am one of those few people who juggle with new products. It's difficult for me to install things but the Vent Clip is Simple to Use/Install. All you have to do is open the clip on the back of it and fit it in the AC vent, much like how we girls use back clips and hair pins. This actually made me fall in love with it even before switching it on. Compact and easy-to-use products are always on my hit list.

Clip and Level Adjuster at the back of Mini Vent

I chose 'Lavender Comfort' from their range of fragrances while applying for the sample and I like it. It's subtle and fresh but what's great is that you can Adjust the Level and have the desired level of scent in your car. This is the feature my family loved the most. My parents can't stand strong fragrances, so we turn it down when they are traveling with us. And sometimes when we have some strong odors, we turn it on high. Though, keeping it on low is good as it gives a lingering aroma and the fragrance lasts longer than 30 days.

The Adjust feature has many benefits -

First, keeping it on low, you can make it last longer. This suits the liking of everyone in the family. For those who like strong fragrances, turn it high. For sensitive souls, keep it low and enjoy the subtle aroma.

Ambi Pur vent clip when turned on high, freshens your car instantly. It helps in breaking bad odors. When the car is parked for many days, it freshens it in no time and makes the journey #FRESHNHAPPY. Also on road trips, it will keep the interiors smelling fresh and nice.

Also, the quantity is just right - with 2 ml you can try all the fragrances from their range rather than staying with one for months together. You can change the ambience of your car every couple of months, unlike earlier when we had larger quantities and had to stick with the same fragrance for nearly a year. There is New Zealand Springs, Sky Breeze, Light Citrus and Thai Dragon Fruit apart from the one I chose and I'm thinking of trying each after Lavender Comfort finishes.

I feel Ambi Pur should bring a combo pack of 2 or 3 and bring down the price a bit. This way we can buy few months' supply, get a discount and have a variety in a single purchase. Not many rush to the store to buy a fragrance and most of the times, we run out of it. Combo pack will ensure that our car doesn't feel neglected and is always ready with a dose of freshness. Since it's compact we can store the extra in the dashboard and clip the new vent whenever the existing finishes.

After using 'Lavender Comfort Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip,' the car smells fresh, clean and even the drive to the local market has become a luxury ride. Even in a big car you need a perfect feel and the mini vent clip adds a new dimension to the experience of driving, making it FRESH and HAPPY. After using it in your car, you all will agree that Good Things do come in Small Packages.