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An Easy way to watch and download anime on your android phone



With the ease of access to the Internet, the dependency on it is increasing with every passing day. On one hand, the entire world is dependent on the internet for work, while on the other hand, it has become one of the major sources of entertainment as well. Whether it is watching videos online or playing games, the combination of Smartphones and Internet data has given the world, a totally new way of entertainment.

When we talk about videos, there is some special kind of videos which are called animations. These are animated cartoons and not the videos with real characters. These animated cartoons are very popular in the world with the name of Anime.

Anime is nothing but the Japanese style of animation. The way Japanese make the animations (called anime), people across the globe get attracted and this is the reason why millions of people have become addicted to anime these days.

There are hundreds of website that stream anime online and the most famous amongst them is the kissanime . Kissanime provides with the highest quality anime videos in your PC and mobile. If you are an anime lover, kissanime is the one-stop destination for you.

Watching anime on your Android Phone

As discussed above, people these days prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones rather on their Television sets or PCs. By looking at the requirements of the viewers, anime websites owners have come up with a solution. Now, the anime are not only streamed online on the websites but can also be watched on your Android phones. Mostly all the anime websites have the official Android app available for download. You can easily install them and watch your favourite anime online. The apps are light in weight and free from ads to an extent.

There are hundreds of apps available on the Android Playstore to watch anime online. Here, the steps to download the kissanime android app will be discussed.

1. Go to your Android Play Store and type ‘kissanime’
2. You will see “KissAnime- Kissanime Anime TV”. Click on install to begin the installation

An Easy way to watch and download anime on your android phone

3. Once the app is downloaded, click on it and open the app. When the app is opened, you will see the latest anime on your mobile’s screen. If you don’t see what you want, you can always search your favorite anime by typing its name in the search box above.


4. Click on the anime you want to watch. The page will show you some information related to the video.

Click on the anime you want to watch.

5. Click on the ‘Episodes’ tab and you will see the list of episodes that movie/TV show has.

6. Click on the episode you want to watch and the video will start playing in your default browser.

Downloading Anime on your Android Phone

Watching anime on the smartphones have been very popular lately. You are not dependent even on electricity for it. You just need to have a smartphone with a data connection and you are good to go. Other than watching or streaming anime online, some people want to download them as well.

If you have a slow internet connection, the quality of the streaming will be affected and the better option would be to download the video and watch it later. Also, there could be a time when you are busy somewhere and would want to watch the video when you are free.

For the above reasons, it is convenient for some people to download the anime and keep it with themselves to watch later. There are various ways to download anime from websites. There are anime download apps available as well.

Out of the various apps available to download the anime shows, Videoder is the most famous one. Below are the steps for downloading anime from 9anime.

Via Videoder

1. Open and hit enter 2. Click on “Download for Android” and the app download process will begin. You have to download the app from the website only as there is no app available in the Playstore.

3. Click on the 9anime icon present on the app.

4. Now, search for the anime you want to download and tap it.

5. When you open the anime of your choice, you will see the option of downloading in the bottom left corner of your mobile screen which will be in red colour.

6. Choose the resolution in which you want to download and tap the download button.

7. Your favourite anime is now saved on your phone. Enjoy watching.


There are various ways of watching and downloading anime online. The most common and easy ways are mentioned above. Do what suits you the best and enjoy watching your fav anime every day.