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Prafulla Mishra

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Apartment or Villa – Which One is Better in Bangalore?


Are you going to invest in a property in the Garden City of India, Bangalore? Are you confused about whether to invest in an apartment or villas for sale in Bangalore? If yes, then you have landed at the right place to help you make a sound decision.

Bangalore is one of the most major metropolises of India. The city has a strong social infrastructure, IT industry, pleasant weather and real estate growth all around. The presence of white-collar professionals has led to a large number of developments of luxurious villas in the city. Hence, you may see many more coming up in the vicinity where you wish to buy a home.

Apartment or Villa – Which One is Better in Bangalore?

Here is a quick article that will help you make a decision. You can decide if villas for sale in Bangalore or apartments like the Sumadhura Soham should be your pick.

Should you buy villas for sale in Bangalore or apartments?

# Reasons to go for Villas

  • Open Space – You get more space for the kids and pets to play. Multiple parking slots also make it easier for visitors to park their vehicles comfortably. 
  • Healthier – Villas are more private spaces which mean less pollution – both sound and air. You can live a healthier life and feel the peace rather than waking up to neighbour’s chaos. 
  • Better Investment Options – Villas for sale in Bangalore are better investment options than apartments. Experts suggest staying invested for 7+ years to get a decent resale value. The reality is that villa plots appreciate much better than villas.
# Reasons to pick up apartments

  • Secure – The chances of securing a gated apartment such as Sumadhura Soham is easier and less expensive than grabbing a villa community. You can travel out of the city safely while keeping your family safe in an apartment.   
  • Vibrant Neighbourhood – Apartments have closer neighbourhoods. Most of the reputed complexes may have close to 200 apartments. It makes the community celebrations and activities enjoyable and vibrant. 
  • Rental Income – The rental income/yield of apartments is also higher compared to villas for sale in Bangalore. Example – An apartment in Sarjapur Road worth Rs.1 crore may give you up to Rs.3 lakh as the rental income per year. On the other hand, a villa costing the same price off Sarjapur Road just 4 km away may get only Rs.2.5 lakh per annum.

Now, some of the reasons to select villas for sale in Bangalore and apartments such as the Sumadhura Soham are now discussed. You can now make a decision after going through the benefits of villas and apartments easily.

Other than the benefits, you should also see if they are centrally located, approved by the Government, RERA registered and has all the desired amenities. After you have decided what to buy, you should compare all deals online to seal the best offer and apply for a home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance that will help you to get the right home.