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Apricot Oil For Face


Today we are discussing apricot kernel oil for the skin of the face - what is its use, possible applications, massage, wrinkle masks, for the area around the eyes, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

Apricot Oil For Face


  1. The Benefits Of Apricot Oil
  2. Apricot Kernel Oil
  3. Masks With Apricot Oil For The Area Around The Eyes
  4. Other Recipes With Apricot Butter

1. The Benefits Of Apricot Kernel Oil For Skin

Let's find out what benefits apricot kernel oil can bring to the skin of the can also read

Skin rejuvenation. Due to the presence of natural fatty acids, as well as vitamins C and E, apricot oil is one of the best in the fight against skin aging. It helps to smooth wrinkles, activates the production of its collagen and creates a strong protective barrier.

Elimination of dryness:

Dry skin is peeling, irritation, wrinkles, and loss of tone. Thanks to retinol, apricot kernel oil restores stable functioning of the sebaceous glands, retains the necessary moisture, and normalizes metabolic processes.

Improved appearance:

Each of us wants the skin to look beautiful. Apricot oil helps to achieve this with the help of vitamins of group B. Inflammations, acne, acne, various kinds of rash, age spots, pallor - all these problems are successfully solved.

Combinative Properties:

Natural apricot kernel oil is perfectly mixed with homemade cosmetics. Due to this, various conflicts and allergies that are possible when using products obtained by chemical means are practically rejected.

2. Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot oil can be used for facial skin care as a separate product or in conjunction with other components, for example, as a part of face masks and creams.

Face skin massage with apricot kernel oil is one of the best preventive remedies in the field of home cosmetology. On how to properly conduct the procedure, we told in the article facial massage - secrets and tips. Apricot oil must be heated to body temperature, applied to the skin, massage and leave for 30 minutes.

You can enhance the effect, if you need to solve a specific skin problem, by adding other components. Orange oil is suitable for fighting wrinkles, wheat germ oil is ideal for the area around the eyes, aloe juice is used to eliminate dryness, and tea tree oil is used to combat rashes and acne. Proportion - 1 to 1.

Also, apricot oil can be applied by adding to your natural cream - take the desired amount of cream, drip on it 2-3 drops of oil and use for its intended purpose.

And, of course, do not forget about masks. As in the previous case, you can add apricot oil to those household mixes that you have been using for a long time, or you can use one or more of the recipes published below.

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3. Masks With Apricot Oil For The Area Around The Eyes

The area nearby the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, which is why other formulations and a lower dose of apricot oil are required.

The first method is a teaspoon of aloe juice (it is sold in a pharmacy) and 5-6 drops of apricot oil. The resulting mixture using a cotton sponge wipe the area around the eyes, leave for 20 minutes.

The combination with fresh cucumber also works well - rub the cucumber into the smallest grater (pulp is needed), add five drops of oil and gently apply it to the area around the eyes — fifteen minutes.

Other recipes for fighting crow's feet and other problems of this zone are in the material of a mask for the skin around the eyes - folk remedies. Who cares, look.

4. Other Recipes With Apricot Butter

Mask for complexion - 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, half a teaspoon of honey and apricot oil, Fifteen minutes.

For dry skin - half a banana, milk, five drops of apricot oil. Mix in a mush, impose on the skin for 20 minutes.

Against irritations, rashes, acne - 5 drops of apricot oil, the same amount of tea tree oil per tablespoon of natural yogurt — fifteen minutes.