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Astonishing Mehndi Games Ideas to Entertain Your Wedding Guests


We all have to agree that modern-day marriages are more happening, fun-filled, and packed with unforgettable moments if compared to traditional weddings. Now, if we talk about the millennial marriages, out of all the ceremonies involved in a wedding, it is the Mehndi ceremony which is loved most by everyone, be it ladies, men, or even kids.

In a Mehndi ceremony, ladies do have their fair share of fun and enjoyment. But what about the other people? What about the wedding guests who have come from far away places just to be the part of your wedding ceremonies? It is your sheer responsibility to take care of your guest's entertainment and make them feel like they are also a significant part of your Mehndi ceremony.

What can you do in your Mehndi function to make it thoroughly engaging and entertaining for the guests? Probably, you can introduce some activities or funny Mehndi games at your function in which they can actively participate and savor the Mehndi ceremony fun with you.

We have compiled some of the most riveting Mehndi games ideas that will entertain your wedding guests to the fullest.

1. Jenga

 Astonishing Mehndi Games Ideas to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

This game is topping our list because of its gripping ability. In the Jenga, you have to pull out a block from the tower of stacked blocks without letting it fall down. People of all age groups love to play Jenga, and we are pretty sure your guests would love to play this game as well.

2. Dart Game

Many individuals have spent countless hours aiming and scoring the perfect number in the dart game. Just bring the dart game to your mehndi function and see how every other person will indulge themselves in the game and lost the sense of time. To make the game more fascinating, introduce some prizes for the winners.

2. Antakshari

Here comes the timeless Mehndi game which was and is played in almost all the Indian weddings. It is the beloved game of the ladies, and men too love to sing their heart’s out while playing this game. Make the game more exciting by creating two teams: men and women, and let the singing battle begins.

4. Pool Volleyball

If your wedding venue has the pool facility then, we bet pool volleyball is one of the best Mehndi game to bring on board. Just add volleyball net, bring all the guests in the pool and get ready to witness the innumerable waves of laughter and hilarious moments.

5. Housie/Tambola

Somebody should declare this game as the perfect family entertainer. Playing the Housie game at your Mehndi ceremony is the perfect opportunity to bring all the guests together and create some unforgettable moments. To raise the spark, put some hefty prizes for the winners of the game.

6. Beer Pong

Here comes the game which any man would love to play, but hey, ladies can also try their hands too! Let your guests sip some beer and let them enjoy the beer pong game to the fullest. The person who will throw the most balls into the beer glasses wins the game and the gift hamper too!