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Great results come from great beginnings. When one starts a new job, relationship, career, or any other activity, it is essential to find out the most auspicious time.

Planetary movements have a massive effect on any work one takes up, and ensuring that the planets are profitably aligned helps attain success effortlessly.

People embarking on a new venture would do well to consult the best numerologist in India. Their knowledge of numerology will help them achieve success in whatever they start.


Numerology is the study of numbers and their mystical influence on the world and its people. Numerologists help people understand the vast effects numbers have on their life. Numerology uses the numbers from a person's birth date and name to determine their numerological chart.

Using the numerological chart, a person can understand their destiny and life path. Numerology also helps people make the right decisions in life based on their numerological chart.

The best numerologist in India can help one draw up an accurate numerological chart to help them live their best life.



Both astrology and numerology help people know and understand their future. Their goal is the same, but their approach and methods are very different.

Firstly, astrology uses a person's birth date, time, and place to draw up their horoscope. But numerology only requires a person's birth date to determine their numerological chart, along with their birth name. Using these numbers, a numerologist finds the six core numbers of a person.

Secondly, according to numerology, people born on the same day and time may have similar names and experiences. But astrology dictates that people born on the same date and time may not necessarily have the same experiences.

Thirdly, astrology dictates that the rising sign will determine the person's features. But according to numerology, a person's name determines their characteristics.

Fourthly, numerology places colossal importance on a person's name, but astrology does not. Of the six main numbers that dictate a person's life, three are derived from their name.


The numerological chart comprises the influential numbers in one's life. Each number has a specific significance, based on which one can determine the person's characteristics and personality. The central six numbers of a person's numerology chart are,

● Life Path Number: A person's life path number dictates all their actions and decisions, though they may not be aware of it. This number is also called the soul urge number. Everything that a person does, their thoughts, desires, outlook, and every other aspect of them and their personality boils down to this number.

● Birth Number or Radical Number: This number is an addition of the individual digits of a person's birth date. This number determines a person's strengths and weaknesses. It denotes what their potential and capabilities will be, and also what will hold them back. Knowing this number will help one understand their limits and how to work within them successfully.

● Expression Number: The expression number is also known as the destiny number. It describes a person's physical and mental make-up.

● Personality Number: As the name suggests, this number determines one's personality. Each number designates a different type of personality. While everyone has a unique personality, some core values are similar among some people. This is because they share the same personality number.

● Heart's Desire Number: The heart's desire number reveals the innermost desire a person carries within themselves. This desire is not known by people close to them, but it motivates the individual to great lengths.

● Attitude Number: The attitude number determines one's outlook on life. One can also understand the impression or impact they are likely to create based on this number.

The attitude number is a central component of the numerological chart, as it decides a person's motivation in life. Knowing one's attitude number will help them understand their thought and behavior patterns so that they can understand what drives their actions.

In numerology, planets, zodiac signs, the alphabet, etc. all have a designated number. These numbers dictate their characteristics and properties. People also have their numbers, which are derived from their birth date and name.

Their number with the numbers of planets and their zodiac sign together determine their destiny and fate. Using these numbers, numerologists can help one find their lucky day, lucky number, lucky letter, and lucky color.

Numerology can also determine the most auspicious time for a person to start a business, get married, buy a house or vehicle, etc. Consulting a numerologist before engaging in any activity helps in the successful completion of it. The best numerologist in India will help one draw up their numerological chart.