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It is estimated that 44 percent of yank women do not wish to leave their homes without being anointed. Studies show that there are two main reasons why women wear makeup:

Camouflage - Depressed and insecure women often use cosmetics to make them look unnoticed.

Seduction - Women who want to look their best tend to use cosmetics with great confidence, are sociable and willing.

That 44 percent of girls believe that if they show their natural, uneducated facial expressions, they will not be ready to achieve any of these things, and that they will be treated differently. There seems to be some science of copying the fear that drives them to wear makeup every day.

Women have happened since they were young to achieve success in everything, from dating and job interviews to dating other popular girls, they need to be beautiful, so the basis for that is completely cultural. It may not be right, but according to the Association for psychology, attractive people are treated fairly in all areas of life, from dating to careers to criminal trials. How Can Women Use Makeup to Attract?

What Biology Says About the Attractive Women's Face

Investigators found two modern features that contribute to the attractiveness of a woman's face.

Women naturally tend to have dark lips and skin around the eyes. So, our brain unknowingly identifies that as a symbol of feminism. The extra difference between a woman's eyes and lips and the tone of her skin, in a woman, and noticeable in evolution, Lipstick and eye shadow are cosmetic products because they enhance those features.

Note: The effect of the exterior eye color and lip colors is greater for straight men, because they are naturally stocked to attract attractive, fertile women.

# 2: How to measure and how his face is

The Association for psychology explains that we too like the face of equality, even though we can't see the similarities. You may not know it, but the thickness of the face is almost uneven — though one side will be wider than the other, the shape of the eyes will have less variety, one skin bone may be slightly pronounced, etc. the more faces you have, the more attractive they are to be seen. Makeup evens the skin tone and complexion, eyeliner and lipliner can also make those features look the same.

Makeup is a handy tool to make you look natural. The question is how do you put it to good use?

Research shows this is often the most important pre-book priority

If makeup is not your thing at least, or there are some mornings when you wake up and do not wish you had the time or energy to put on your face, follow this one tip when you go somewhere where People Think of You

Wear a hat / foundation

Studies show that the foundation is that cosmetics have a very important impact on how women are known. This is especially important at work because research shows that women who wear makeup have a high income and promotional power. The pull of skin tone, tired eye bags and scars can make you look tired or sick.

If you have scratches or other defects, you probably already realize that the base mask may, but not completely, cover. This means that even though the base is your skin tone is not perfect and you will not give out the full benefits of wearing makeup. To avoid this, before using the basics, enough secrets to build up your errors disappear.

Similarly, oily skin can also reduce the nighttime of your skin. Remove the faint light by applying the powder on top of your foundation. Keep a slip in your bag so you can refill as needed throughout the day.