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Benefit of Vedic astrology & puja


Vedic astrology is one of the most ancient sciences available to mankind. Our rishis and munis passed on this unique science to look into the future to our next generations so as to help them and guide them. Puja as known as karma kaand is the most amazing practice by which we pay our respects to the god and seek his blessings by way of chants and mantras. Vedic astrology and Puja really are the 2 things which keep’s a person connected to the soul and makes him realise the power of god and the gift of the life we have got. Astrology is a guiding force. Destiny often said that it can’t be changed but definitely if we are better prepared it can be faced with more strength.

Benefit of Vedic astrology & puja

If we can figure out what’s in store for us it will definitely help and this goes without saying. Our 9 planets, 27 Nakshatras and 12 houses in astrology tell us everything about our life and what we can expect from it. Now the sinister will say that hard work is everything and what will change? I also believe hard work is immensely important and nothing happens without it but if your luck (bhagya) helps you then you can imagine the results. Astrology tells you where you are going wrong and guides you there. Puja is a part of our Vedic system. Results are secondary, it gives us great peace of mind and connects us to the the ultimate lord. 

When we are born all the 9 planets as per position and movement that time place themselves in our birth chart depending upon the then rising sign in the sky. It’s basically a snapshot of the sky at that time looking from where we are. These planets give results as per our past life karmas. All the planets good or bad are placed in the respective houses and give positive and negative results as per there sign, placement and conjunction. These are fixed from our birth but there effects can be reduced and enhanced by using Vedic upays.

 Here Puja (karma kaand) plays a huge role in helping us to overcome our problems and give us much needed peace of mind and health. Vedic astrology and Puja > go hand in hand due to the above reason. People with health issues also get major relief if the right Vedic upays are done at the right time. Even if you get a clue that this particular health issue might crop up it makes are cautious rather than scared. Overall if u see it acts like a guiding light so as to make our journey ahead hassle free and smooth.