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Nisha Sharma

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Best Action Games for Android.


Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a made-for-versatile fight royale amusement that consolidates cartoony designs and a best down point of view with a shortsighted last man standing ongoing interaction arrange that works extremely well. This amusement offers a genuinely novel interpretation of the fight royale recipe that is totally for easygoing gaming sessions as a match takes just a couple of minutes to finish. Much the same as PUBG or Fortnite, you parachute down onto a guide with a pack of different players — 29 adversaries for this situation — and must search for weapons, ammunition, and defensive layer while remaining in the security circle and wiping out your foes.

You're restricted to conveying one firearm and ammunition is exceptionally inadequate, prompting some quite extreme minutes where you have to choose whether to draw in an adversary or attempt and sneak past them. There's additionally a couple mode where you can collaborate with a companion or an arbitrary player. The craftsmanship style and ongoing interaction are splendid and fun and this is an extraordinary minimal amusement for killing time. It's allowed to play with in-application buys for

Suzy Cube

Suzy Cube is an amusement that has been in progress for a long time. Created by an outside the box amusement designer, this activity stuffed platformer is an unquestionable requirement play diversion on portable with contact controls that have no privilege being comparable to they are. It's most effortless to contrast the illustrations and ongoing interaction with Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS and is far better than Mario's versatile introduction, Super Mario Run.

In Suzy Cube, you play the main character who has set out on an experience to recover her family's fortune which has been stolen by square molded baddies. Most adversaries can be vanquished by hopping on their heads, while different snags require snappy reflexes to avoid each assault.

There are a great deal of ways a 3D platformer can turn out badly — terrible controls, disgraceful camera, deadened dimension structure — however Suzy Cube is an uncommon jewel that demonstrates that a legitimate comfort quality platformer can be made for versatile without trade off. You hear that, Nintendo?


From its name to its application symbol, ICEY is a fairly unassuming passage in the Google Play Store that would be not entirely obvious — however that would be a misstep.

At its center, ICEY is a 2D side-looking over activity amusement where you play as the main character, a baffling robotic warrior that kicks genuine ass. The diversion plays perfectly, with tight controls and new abilities to be opened and updated as you advance through the amusement.

On the off chance that that is all ICEY was — a kick-ass side-looking over activity diversion — it would in any case discover a spot on this rundown. However, that is only the start, there's additionally a whole meta-story at play here investigating the connection between the player and the storyteller. The storyteller will manage you around the globe and reveal to you where you ought to go… yet what occurs on the off chance that you disregard the storyteller?

There are layers to this diversion and a sizeable rundown of trophies to open. On the off chance that you cherish non mainstream diversions and meta-humor you unquestionably need to look at ICEY!