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Best Books for JEE


The principal question which springs up in each JEE wannabes mind-Which books to illuminate? A significant gullible question(you will acknowledge it after you give the test :p). Try not to stress, I am here to manage all of you ; )

You may wanna look at individual subject posts too : )

The appropriate response is emotional and fluctuates from individual to individual. Yet, try to keep your hat on, that fundamentally, all great and very esteemed books in the market are good(there are some horse crap books as well, and avoid them).

The structure of the post will be Subject-Must have books-Book sets for extra practice(but pick just a single lot of them)- Books for those going for good positions or Olympiads.

I will make reference to numerous books. Try not to get overpowered on observing it. A great many people don't examine them all. A few books are useful for hypothesis, some for issues and a few books are utilized for explicit subjects. I'll specify options in contrast to books. You can get them as well. I'll give advantages and disadvantages wherever conceivable.

I have widely hunt the web down the most recent and best releases of the books. To back out things for you folks, I have included connects to the books as well, with the goal that you can specifically purchase the books as opposed to sitting idle hunting down them(time is valuable!). Simply tap on the connection, and you will see the right version.