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Nisha Patel

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Best Hair Transplant Treatment in Mumbai – Desire Clinic


Find Best and Most Recommend Hair Transplant clinic in Mumbai. In the fashionable days, thanks to the poor lifestyle or poor diet, many of us are suffering from the Hair loss that over and over aggravate like phalacrosis and most common solution visible to us is Hair Transplant.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Best Hair Transplant Treatment in Mumbai – Desire Clinic

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which process the person is diagnosed through a derma scope that helps examine the internal scarcity of follicles and accordingly the doctor decides the number of grafts needed, any hair is extracted from that's genetically against hairless and same follicles are established into the bald area.

The Advantage of hair Transplant

• Helps to restore your balding, receding and thinning hair 8 to 10 Months and Result starting from 2 to 3 Month after Hair Transplant.

• Hair Grow back naturally with Great Look. Ensures a natural looking hairline

• A risk is very Low after a hair transplant.

• Healing time is very fast. It does not take much time to restore the Hair Naturally.

• Minimal post-operative discomfort

• Invisible linear scars or stitches

The Procedure of Hair Transplant

• A tube-like instrument punches spherical grafts from the donor web site to be placed within the space wherever hair replacement is desired.

• Once the skin at a lower place the hair has stretched enough, it's surgically placed over the bald space.

• Throughout flap surgery, an area of bald scalp is cut out and a flap of hair-bearing skin is sewed into its place.

• The patterns utilized in scalp reduction very wide, however, all meet the goal of transfer hair and scalp along to hide bald areas.

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