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You are a millennial woman of 2018. You have meetings to attend, family to take care of, friends to meet and zillions of other things to do simultaneously. In the push and pull of everyday life, one thing that misses your attention is – Yourself. And one thing that take the brunt of your lack of self-care is – your hair. In this post, we would discuss on how to take care of your hair – one of the most prized possession of your body, and yet easily ignored.

How many times have you wondered about the fact that despite using the best shampoo and conditioner available in the market, your hair is brittle, dry and damaged? In all likelihood, your answer is yes. This is because you may be lying prey to all the advertisements that guarantee hair fall, smoothness, volume, hair growth and anti-dandruff. Seldom do you know that these products come with harmful chemicals and do more harm than good. The mantra to go right is by choosing ayurvedic

In this blog post, you’ll get a scoop of all things related to haircare…the kind of shampoo you should use, whether you should use a hair conditioner, how and when to oil your hair, and more.

Oiling – To oil or not to oil – that is the question! Oiling nourishes the scalp, but if you have an overreactive scalp that oozes oil on its own, it is a bad practice to oil your hair regularly. If you have a normal to dry scalp, you need to oil regularly to soothe the flaky scalp. We strongly recommend the Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil Intensive hair regrowth treatment if you are looking for the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth! This oil is loaded with the goodness of pure bhringraj, which is hailed as the ‘rasayana’ – an ingredient that rejuvenates hair and slows down the ageing process. Bio Bhringraj also contains amla, coconut and healthfulness of goat milk to prevent hair loss.

Shampoo – Our environment is increasingly becoming polluted. The strong UV rays, along with smoke around cause damage to the skin and hair. It is important to wash our hair with the right shampoo. Here’s a range of shampoos from Biotique that make hair smooth, and work as an ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth. Bio Kelp is a fresh growth protein shampoo for intense hair growth. It has natural proteins, peppermint oil and mint leaf extract that invigorate the scalp for fresh growth and healthier shine. Bio Green Apple is a daily purifying shampoo and conditioner for oily hair and scalp. It is blended with pure green apple extract to purify and nourish the scalp with natural minerals and proteins. This is a mild shampoo with a ph balanced formula and leaves your hair full of natural body and shine.

Conditioning – Hair conditioners are different from shampoo in the sense that while shampoos work for a cleaner, active scalp, conditioners improve the feel, appearance and manageability of hair. If you have thinning hair, we recommend Bio Thyme, a volumizing formula that is blended with pure thyme, peppermint oil, lavender oil and the natural sap of the berberris tree to make hair look fuller and heavier. You may also want to try Bio Sea Kelp, the fresh growth revitalising conditioner with 100% organic neem, bhringraj, reetha and other herbs – all of which are best ayurvedic hair growth products.

So, that is that you lovely ladies! The quick tip here is to go the ayurvedic way and avoid giving harsh chemicals to your hair. Your hair is your crown, take good care of them and walk around the world like a queen!