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Best kitchen chimneys in India for a less messy environment


Indian cooking is famous for aroma and the spices that emerge when you are cooking your meal. It involves several procedures such as boiling, frying and grilling. During this process, you tend to use a lot of spices and oils which will leave an impression on the ceiling and walls of the kitchen. In the long run, grime and spots begins to collect on the kitchen cabinets, walls and the appliances. A chimney from the top brands in India like Hindware is the best thing that could save you from this situation.

For what reason do we need kitchen chimneys?

The disadvantage in using exhaust fan is that they are placed high up on the wall and if there is no cross-ventilation in the kitchen, natural air and fumes both will pass through the exhaust fan making it a difficult option in the kitchen. Kitchen chimneys are easier and better to clean, use, maintain than the exhaust fans. Latest chimney models of Hindware have auto-cleaning features.  

The Kitchen chimneys are used in the kitchen over the countertops or stoves to ingest, absorb and expel smoke, fumes, odour or residues leaving your kitchen room smoke free with great ventilation. Since the chimneys can be placed directly over the countertops, it makes the work less demanding in absorbing the oils and grimes effectively.

How to choose the best chimney?

Size: It is better to pick kitchen chimneys as per your kitchen measure. A kitchen with small space ought to be fitted with a compact and efficient chimney.

Low-Noise Level: The great option is to pick a chimney with low noise level motor inside the kitchen chimney.

Suction Capacity: The suction power of the chimney refers to the chimney’s ability to clean the air. It should have the ability to clean the air at a rate of 10 times per hour.

Filters: A right filter can enhance the performance of the kitchen chimney. Whereas the poor filter can result in the low suction power and leaves an uncleaned kitchen environment with dirty air.

Motor: The motor of the chimney is fixed and does not give the residue and grime a chance to enter it. It is suggested to prefer non-sticky and aluminum motor, which will save your energy and time on getting the parts serviced.

Best kitchen chimney brands in India

Several companies manufacture kitchen appliances and are ruling the appliances market. When it comes to chimneys, just a couple of manufacturers are outperforming by offering a great looking and super functional kitchen chimney. Among every one of such brands, Hindware, Elica, and Havells are the top of the line kitchen chimney brands. Likewise, the water heater by Hindware is the most popular brand in India.


The kitchen chimney designers at Elica have an extraordinary stylish sense which is delineated in all their range of their products. Though Hi-tech innovative technology is used in the chimney is outperforming, their look of the stainless steel and glass body gives an extraordinary look to the kitchen.

Additional features

Suction specification: The suction speed is 1100 cubic meters per hour

Price: starts from 7400

• In-built oil collector

• First-class stylish black finish

• Touch-Control Panels Compact Design

• Heat Auto-Clean Technology


When it comes to kitchen chimneys, Hindware is considered as the best kitchen chimney brands best kitchen chimney brands in India as their chimneys possess autonomous features. The Hindware wall-mounted chimney is well-designed to give you a flawless cooking experience with a less messy environment. All the materials used to manufacture the chimney are rust proof. The most aesthetic part of the chimney is the LED lighting feature.

Special Specification: Some bestselling models of Hindware come with double auto cleaning feature which makes it as the most popular kitchen chimney brands in India.

Price: starts from 15000

Additional features

• In-built Oil collector.

• Premium Stainless Steel finish

• Thermal Auto-Clean Technology

• 3 Speed levels as per cooking needs

• One-Touch Controls


With Havells wall-mounted chimney you can experience a peaceful cooking experience with a less messy environment. It removes all the stains and oil residues from the air. The auto-clean technology of the model will effectively clean the inner part of the chimney and ensures the efficient and durable performance. The Havells chimneys models that come with baffle filters most preferable for Indian kitchens.

Price: starts from 10000

Additional features:

1. Heat Auto-clean Technology

2. Max Air Flow

3. The suction capacity is 1200 cubic meters per hour