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Sudanshu Sharma

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Best Mini Militia Game Alternative For Android


Mini-Militia or Doodle Army 2 is one of the most popular games nowadays. It has a great reach and players in 2016 as well as in the year 2017. But people started getting a little bore from it after a certain period of time. As changes are also necessary, and in the same way, people must switch from this amazing game and should go for the different alternatives. Many more other games are there which are alike mini militia but a little difference provides you with a feeling like a new game. and in the same way, provides you with full entertainment and fun as mini-militia.

Best Mini Militia Game Alternative For Android
When we generally think of playing a multiplayer game with our friends, obviously mini-militia is a game which always came to our mind at that time. But there are many more games available for free on the play store which are as same as mini-militia. And provide you with the same level of fun and entertainment. And if you are having an android mobile with more then 520 MB RAM and enough space, and a medium chipset, you could easily play these most entertaining games which I have mentioned for you below. So, let's take a look at these most amazing games which are the best mini militia game alternative for Android.


BombSquad is one of the most amazing games which is available for free on play store. It is the game developed by the Eric Froemling. It didn't even require so much of space but only just 54 MB. This is a shooting and action game for android. Multiplayer game is also available for the LAN or an Online network. Via LAN or online up to 6 players could play this game together. Playing online helps you to earn XP which helps you to unlock new weapons and gear. It didn't require any additional or ultimate device to play it. It could be simply played like mini-militia. And it is one of the most attractive games which tons of people are playing nowadays.

City Racing 3D

It is also a free game available on play store. This is a game which also didn't require much space but just 37 MB around. It has been developed by 3DGames. City Racing 3D is a racing game for Android. It could be played on single player mode as well as on the multiplayer mode. This game is payable through the LAN network and no internet is required to play it. It comes with an absolutely amazing graphics which feels like real life. And you could also play it worldwide through the various maps- Paris, London, Tokyo and many more. It has amazing features like paint, stickers, upgradable cars etc. And it is a really very amazing multiplayer game for the android.

Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition)
It is also ha free based game available on play store taking total space of 527 MB. The developer of this game is known as Pixel Gun 3D itself. It is an amazing action and shooting game for both IOS as well as Android. This amazing game is kind of similar to a very popular game namely Minecraft pocket edition. In the game, your character has to face many zombies attack and you have to save yourself by killing them. You will even face the evil zombie boss and more zombies. You could kill them with a machine gun, knife, pistol and many more. You could play this game via local wifi or even worldwide up to 8 players. And it is one of the most loved and attractive games for the android users.

LWP- LAN Multiplayer FPS
It is also a free game of size 60 MB available on play store. It has been developed by Dazad. This is another really very amazing multiplayer FPS action game. This game is very most similar to local warfare. It could be played through LAN as well as through online FPS. This game doesn't even require ultimate device rather a simple Android device could work amazingly. It comes with impressive graphics. On LAN or WIFI, at most 10 players could play it. It is one of the best multiplayer game available for Android.

Final Few Words About Best Mini-Militia Game Alternative For Android

Well, as we all know that, mini-militia is one of the most marvelous games available for android device. It is a really very amazing game and loved by tons of people. But nowadays, many more very attractive alternatives are available which provide you with a great level of fun and entertainment. And these above-listed games are the best mini-militia alternative for Android devices. And I am pretty sure that if you are a mini-militia lover, then you are going to love all these games too for sure. So, stop waiting, just install these above-mentioned game from play store and start enjoying these impressive and attractive games.