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Best Time To Visit Around Shillong?


Shillong is the capital state of Meghalaya it is known as Hillstations in Northern part of India. Shillong is Situated in 1,496 m above Sea level. and it is referred to as 330 popular cities in India. Shillong is known as Scotland of the East. Shillong is the home for numerous clear Crystal Lake, Waterfall, Zoo, Museums, Mountain Peaks and many more. Shillong has heavy Rainfall place and amazing Landscape and the people of Shillong has amazing Culture Tallest Waterfalls are very famous and the people are very innocent. Shillong is also Known as Music Capital of India. And Many Music Events will be going to happen throughout the is the perfect Place for Music Lovers.

Best Time To Visit Around Shillong?

 Shillong people worshipped as an idol of Shillong peak. Shillong is wrapped with the hills and it has true nature paradise with a rich culture. nature, lakes, waterfalls make the person feel Refreshed and peaceful for the Tourist people can visit in the month of September and May. In the month of July to August there will be Heavy Rainfall so people can't explore the Tourist make a perfect plan. Shillong is fully surrounded by Hills so you can visit Many places by two-wheelers.You can also rent a bike and enjoy a wonderful ride. The bike is the perfect Vehicle to explore the Shillong beautiful Places.

Things to do At Shillong


 Mawlynnong is Declared has the cleanest village in Asia. Mawlynnong has many Beautiful Places. The village has the Skywalk The tower is around 85 feet High Once you reach we can Watch Indo And Bangladesh Border and also you can hear Birds Cheering Sound and also you can view Beautiful Waterfalls everyone can enjoy so have a plan and visit to Mawlynnong

2.Shillong Peak

Shillong Peak is 6449 ft and it is around 1965m Above the Sea level And this is the highest peak point in Shillong. The hill has a panoramic view of the entire city. and it is the most visited site in Meghalaya. The Peak point is surrounded by the beautiful Greenery Landscape and we have a peaceful mind when we visit this Peak make sure to visit Shillong Peak when you made a trip to Shillong.

3.Elephant Waterfalls

The Elephant Waterfalls is the best waterfall in the Shillong There are many waterfalls in Shillong but Elephant Waterfall is the special waterfall. The waterfall has Three layers. This place is the superb Place for spending time with your family and friends This place is the perfect place for the tourist people it attracts the people by his nature of beauty and green once have a trip to elephant Waterfall I am sure you will definitely love this place.

4.Don Bosco Museum

Don Bosco Museum is the Wide collection of artwork, handicrafts, Photographs and weapons and many other things. The museum consists of 17 Galleries. The museum consists of information about the North Eastern State of India. The museum has beautiful paintings, tools so it is the place where the artist loved have a visit to this museum and get mind relaxed.

5.police Bazar

Police Bazar is the famous shopping Bazar in Shillong tourist people loved to visit this Bazar. The Bazar has Handcrafted Materials, different types of clothes with the best market price and also Police Bazar is famous for the restaurants, hotels, pubs and many Things People loved to visit this place.

6. Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is the reservoir in the hills is situated in the north Shillong.umiam lake is the vast and scenic reservoir and it attracts by the beauty of the greenery and blue water and this place is cool in all seasons so visit this lake and enjoy a peaceful mind. Umiam Lake is the perfect Destination for nature Lovers so make a plan for one day trip.