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Best Ways To Take Care Of Colorful Hair At Home


We want colourful hair with fashionable clothes, now this is the trend. As soon as we go out on the street, we see how many colours blue, red and pink people have in their hair. There is also the traditional burgundy or light red colour. But how to take care of this colour hair? Today's article is about that.

Preparation before colouring

Today we thought we would dye it and tomorrow we thought it would cause hair loss. Dye your hair at least two months after you think about it. Let's take a little care before dark tan colour these two months. Oil your hair well before going to bed at night. This will make the hair narcissistic.

Choose the appropriate dye

A lot of things are sold in the market as hair dyes. But you have to choose the hair dye that will not harm your hair. Before buying, make sure it does not contain ammonia.

Use the appropriate 'developer' when painting. The developer is a kind of creamy thing that contains hydrogen peroxide. It helps to retain hair colour. You must use a 20 or 30 volume developer. This will reduce hair loss.

Shampoo not immediately

Do not shampoo shortly after colouring. Shampoo after waiting at least two days. The colour will sit very well, it will not rise quickly. So you don't have to paint frequently.

And if you don't shampoo for two days, the normal oil that will form on the scalp will give normal protection to the hair. The colour will reduce the problem of hair becoming dry, rough.

Shampoo should also be chosen

Just as hair colour needs to be chosen, so does shampoo. There is no shampoo for colour hair. There is a colour protective shampoo for it. Colour Protective Shampoo and Conditioner create a protective ring on the hair.

In case of shampoo, it is better to use sulphate-free shampoo. The sulphate-free shampoo does not cause any problems in the production of natural hair oil. The hair is good.

Frequent hair is not clean

One thing is very important to remember. Normal hair oil production must be maintained to keep colour hair good. And for that you have to stop shampooing frequently. If you shampoo four days a week, do it two days from now. The colour will remain for many days. And the normal oil production of hair will also be fine. This will maintain the pH balance of the scalp. But it is very necessary for good hair. But you can also use dry shampoo effortlessly.

Use cold water

Washing the hair in hot water weakens the cuticle of the hair. It starts washing the colour. Not only that. The hair loses moisture. So the hair becomes dry and rough. So clean your hair in cold water at all times. This will keep the cuticle strong. So the colour will stay for many days.

If you cannot use cold water on the head, apply cold water on the head at least once with a little warm water on the head.

A home conditioner

Oils, shampoos as well as conditioners should be used regularly. I'm not saying this conditioner is a conditioner after shampooing. One thing that will maintain the overall health of your hair. This is a kind of hair mask you can say. You can do this at home.


• 1 ripe banana

• One tablespoon olive oil

• Spoon one tablespoon yoghurt

• A teaspoon of honey


Take the banana in a bowl and squeeze it well. Add olive oil and make a smooth paste. Now mix it better with yoghurt and honey.

Apply this mixture on the hair and wait for one hour. Then shampoo with a sulphate-free shampoo. Do this once a week.

This way if you take care of the colour hair, but the hair colour will also be maintained. And the hair will be beautiful, fresh. No matter how much you paint, there is no chance of damage.