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Madhav Shastri

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Best Winter Sport Destinations


1. Whistler, Canada


This ski resort is located just north of Vancouver, Canada and is the largest in North America. It is also the location of where the 2010 Winter Olympics took place. Boasting an incredible amount of pistes and verticals, Whistler Mountain is a great place to go for any ski destination.

2. Niseko, Japan


Japan’s number one ski location, Niseko is a town located in Northern Japan. There are 4 interlinked ski resorts and enough powder snow to keep any skier or snowboarder satisfied. All of the resorts can be skied on one pass and there are also several hot spring resorts (referred to as onsen) in the region as well.

3. Serre Chevalier, France


A more affordable French skiing resort Serre Chevalier has more of the charm of a French village with family run hotels than a large ski resort. Serre Chevalier has a higher treeline than most ski resorts which makes for more exciting treeline runs!

4. Alpbach, Austria


A small picturesque village in Western Austria, Alpbach is an ideal place to get away from it all and a great place to start. It isn’t a large resort but for what it lacks in size it makes up for it in charm. It is also dotted with slopes of all varieties but the most extreme. The trip and village are affordable as well.