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Best WordPress Resources


Best WordPress Resources

About one out of 4 websites run on WordPress, but you can hardly find a right online course that comprehensively covers WordPress. A simple search query on Google might be your first line of thought, but those results are not often ranked according to the best quality. This is especially true for paid marketing when many paid ads outrank organic search results.

Decide What to Learn

If you have no prior WP knowledge, then it is not possible to learn it entirely in a single day. WordPress is huge, and even the best WP developers don't know everything. You have to break your learning process into smaller segments. For example, you can search for "Must-Have Plugins for a WordPress Website." Try to construct a list of learning objectives. For example, you can have the following goals.

Understand what is WordPress and how does it work

Learn how to install WordPress

Learn how to configure WordPress

Learn how to manage a WordPress website

Learn how to use the WordPress admin

Get to know the best WP theme

Get to know the best WP plugin

Gain a beginner/intermediate/advanced knowledge of WP

How to Determine the Quality of an Online Course?

While looking for online courses, you should keep the following aspects in mind.

Videos must be high-quality. Low-quality videos disrupt the entire learning experience, especially when some text or images in the videos appear blurry.

The audio must have good quality. Sometimes, there is a lack of proper adjustments in the audio file, which makes it difficult to hear even in quiet environments.

The material of the course has to be well-organized.

For paid courses, there must be a preview video to determine the quality of content.

The course content must not be too complicated.

The presenter's voice should be easy to understand.

The content must be updated regularly.

So which are the courses that adhere to the guidelines mentioned above?


WP101 only delivers WordPress related tutorials. It is one of the earliest tutorial websites for WP. WP101 provides organized tutorials with a list of content topics. The site is easy to navigate on both PCs and smartphones. It is a paid service, but there are some free courses to help users can get an idea of the teaching format and style. The audio and video of WP101 are top-notch, while their method of delivery is pretty impressive and unique. For people who intend to master WP at a beginner and intermediate level, WP101 is often recommended. However, the same cannot be said for those with advanced knowledge.

What's more exciting is that WP101 provides popular WP support and tutorials for WP plugins like WooCommerce and JetPack. On the other hand, it lacks tutorials on strengthening the security of your website and improving the performance of your WP website.

The payment mechanism of WP101 is pretty impressive. It offers flexibility as you may purchase a single course or you can also opt for a 3-tier monthly membership in these categories: Basics, Annual, and Lifetime. Considering the standard of the content, WP101's prices are well-justified. Even, if you do not purchase it, you can visit the forum of WP101 for free. This forum includes several questions and answers about WP. However, if you want to ask a question, then membership is required.


Udemy boasts its presence as one of the most well-known websites for online learning. It markets itself as a universal marketplace in education. Instructors from all around the world add content on Udemy. Search for WordPress, and you can get several free and paid courses in the results. Identify the user satisfaction of users through comments and see what they like/dislike.

Unlike Lynda, Udemy courses have ratings out of 5. Try to pick classes that have higher scores and do read comments. For instance the first course in our image: Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power with Code.

This one seems to have a good value for money with a price-tag of only $9.99. Out of 3,874 ratings, the course managed to get an extremely high rating of 4.7. Hence you can expect it to be full of premium quality content. Moreover, by opening the session, you can get more information. You can also check what you can get out of the course.

Likewise, you can check the entire course. Usually, the first few videos are free to watch so you can get a good idea about the instructor's approach.

Udemy is quite flexible for payment. If you are fixated on a single course, then you can purchase it and gain lifetime access to that course. However, if you want WordPress tutorials for your web team, then it would be better to get a monthly subscription plan. Since Udemy has independent instructors, they assign their own pricing cost for a course. At maximum, you may have to pay $200 for a class. However, the average price of a course ranges from $5 to $30. Do note that Udemy is hugely lenient with discounts, so keep an eye for any future cuts.


Lynda has been around for ages. It is highly respected in the computer tutorials community. Go to and on the center top of the page, click on Library à Web à WordPress.

After clicking it, you have your hands on a whole set of WP courses.

To get the introductory courses, check the filter ‘Skill Level' at the left and choose beginner. Remember, in Lynda, courses with the term ‘Essential Training' contain basic and fundamental-level knowledge, hence find such a course for WP and go through it. Lynda's course description provides a helpful outline of the content and topics of the course. Match those topics with your learning goals to get a better picture of the course.

Lynda works equally well on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other screens. It has high-quality learning material and a beautiful design. However, the only flipside of Lynda is its search results. It takes some time to find the desired course. Lynda is a paid service, but it offers a 7-day free trial. If you have minor issues and are interested in some quick-fixes, then Lynda is perhaps not the best option. However, if you intend to learn WordPress from scratch and master it, then it is undoubtedly one of the best options.

Final Thoughts

After finding your favourite WP course, you would have to plan for a practical study approach. Do not try to rush through courses or you would end up learning nothing. Instead, slowly go over the content, understand the "concepts" and most importantly, practice them. Remember, development is all about practice!

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