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Big Data Courses that will Help You Break into the Industry


Big Data Courses that will Help You Break into the Industry

Data science and data analytics industry is among the fastest growing technologies in the world. Despite the respectable growth, there is a heavy dearth of talent and expertise in the Big Data industry leaving a major gap between ongoing projects and their execution. Major research firms state that Big Data training would be the key to fill the talent gap currently blocking the growth charts.

If you are one of those Big Data talents, here’s how you can rely on the Big Data training in Bangalore to break into the industry.

1. Hadoop Developer Course

Back in the early part of the decade, you could have taken a chance to start with absolutely no experience in Hadoop and yet become a data scientist. However, current trends reveal that Hadoop experience earned at Big Data Training from Bangalore climb the ladder of the analytic industry quicker than those with ordinary Software development expertise.


You can become a good data scientist with MATLAB course from Bangalore’s Big Data training. For those wanting to learn moderate level programming for analytic projects, MATLAB offers a sizeable opportunity for engineers and IT professionals. In Big Data MATLAB class, lectures would revolve around topics related to matrices and operators, calculation functions, and Excel for Data Analytics.

In some courses, there is a refresher model for Microsoft Excel to enable professionals to learn automation for analysis with thousands of mathematical and advanced statistical functions.

3. Cloud Computing

By 2020, nearly 60% of all enterprise businesses move to Cloud database to manage their operations, including finance, HR, Marketing and Sales. In the inevitably steep rise of big data cloud computing and cloud data stores, the demand for analysts and data scientists would only grow. Big Data training cover topics related to reliable cloud storage, operational functions and Cloud architecture for private and on-premise resources.

4. Python in Big Data

Python background is another powerful application to break into the Big Data industry. In the fight to choose the best programming language for big data and machine learning experience, Python proves to be a formidable beginning. It is open sourced with the strong developer community. Python in Big Data course finds seamless compatibility with other courses, including Java, MATLAB, and Hadoop to name a few.

5. Deep Learning with TensorFlow

You are ought to learn what the big research labs are offering.

TensorFlow knowledge could help professionals get hired as a data scientist with leading IT and AI research companies. A big data appliance that could significantly amplify your career growth – TensorFlow for Big Data leverages the Google architecture for AI and neural network framework for the distributed data warehouse. Deep learning TensorFlow not only cuts down on the programming time but also delivers cost-saving options.

As things continue to remain fluid and dynamic in the IT and data science industry, Bangalore’s training curriculum can help professionals get a sense of the new technology wave and ride it with confidence and experience certified from industry leaders.