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Bitdefender Mobile Security


When it comes to security, people search for the best security app that will keep their smartphone secure in every way. Keep it away from harmful ads, apps, sites, etc. but not one app does all these activities, people but might say no there’s one or two apps, okay, there will be but still, it won’t be the best one that people would recommend to anyone. For securing a smartphone in every manner, which will allow users to protect their phone, how it’s going to happen? Simple by one single app, the best antivirus for mobile named as “Bitdefender Mobile Security”.

Bitdefender is the official Romanian cybersecurity and antivirus software company, founded in 2001 by Floren Tables who is now currently CEO of it. After the successful journey on desktop computers, laptops Bitdefender launched their mobile application which created a huge impact among smartphone users. According to the user’s reviews: “Bitdefender is one of the smooth, easiest and safest security app”. It provides unmatchable cloud malware detection and powerful anti-theft experience for a smartphone.

Like all other antiviruses, this one will also scan all your documents, files, photos and downloads, making sure there are absolutely no chances of any malware attacks or viruses affecting the functioning of your device. Furthermore, we all know how harmful websites can be but with the help of Bitdefender no matter which links you click on, it will be able to detect any problems that can pose a major threat.

The scans that the antivirus does can be carried out on your command, but when you install something the app will do the scan automatically, ensuring that even if you have forgotten how a new app can be a threat to your phone, the antivirus app will make sure it’s’ done.

At times, we tend to forget our phones when we have other important matters at hand. However, the repercussions of leaving your phone somewhere can be long-lasting and dangerous as well. Bitdefender realizes this and so has created a feature which is being called WearOn. What does this do?

When you are wearing your Android Wear device and seem to have lost your phone, you can activate this feature on the phone which then makes it Scream, thus alerting you of your phone’s location. Once this feature is activated, the app will automatically make your phone Scream if the distance between the phone and the device you’re wearing get too much.

Bitdefender has recently added a new feature to the app which is being called Autopilot. As smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in our world, with bots such as Alexa and Siri, Bitdefender has also tried to bring a similar twist to their app.

The Autopilot feature will act as an advisor and will tell you which security changes you should make to your devices based on your use and other factors. This way, the app further ensures that your devices and information remain secure all the time.

Another reason why people love the app is that it works like a charm. It carries out all its functions without having any significant impact on the performance of your phone and carried out scans which are completed in a short span of time. Furthermore, it also has the capability to enhance the functioning of your phone, making it a good choice for users.

Bitdefender also offers an Anti-Theft and App Lock feature. The Anti-Theft feature will allow you to lock down your phone, remove sensitive data and take a picture of the criminal, as Bitdefender is cloud-based software. The App Lock feature lets you control who opens which apps. With the use of a PIN or password, you can be the only one who can access certain apps, a feature which is especially necessary when protecting files and pictures.

Our accounts are also open to attack, and in this modern age, they contain an immense amount of information regarding our personal and professional lives. You can receive alerts if any one of your accounts are under attack, ensuring you can take the right steps if needed.

Lastly, one of their most acclaimed features is the Bitdefender VPN, which allows you to browse the internet in a secure manner. For hackers, it can be easy to intercept your personal data especially passwords, when you are working on the internet. With this information in the wrong hands, many things can go wrong for you.

To prevent this from happening, you can use the VPN feature of Bitdefender which makes sure that the data that you are entering into your device while using the internet is completely protected.

Furthermore, when we are using the internet, it is easy for people to keep track of all our activity. So again, through the VPN feature of the app, you can conceal your identity from anyone and use the internet without worrying.

If all these features aren’t enough to convince you to install the app, use the 14-day free trial and you can know what its’ like to use the app.

Bitdefender developers worked so efficiently in such a way that it created a stamp on people’s mind, whenever it comes to use the best antivirus or mobile security app, Bitdefender Mobile Security will be the first priority. Because of the best performance, it got more than 500 million users worldwide, which shows Bitdefender take care of every user in their own way.

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