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Booking Your Dream Country House Wedding Venue


Booking Your Dream Country House Wedding Venue

Brympton House in Somerset – just 2 and a quarter hours from London by train Photo credit Anna Marinovitch

When it comes to booking a dream country house wedding venue for your dream day there are a host of things to consider – is your style traditional or contemporary? do you want exclusive use over one day or two? is accommodation onsite important to you? - to name but a few. In this article, we are going to consider the top tips that you should consider before selecting your dream country house wedding venue Location.

This is the big one; to work for you and your guests your dream country house wedding venue should be easily accessible; think in terms of it being remote enough to ‘feel’ like proper country but near enough to major road and rail links to make getting there easier than climbing Ben Nevis!

Exclusive Use 

Another key consideration; the whole point about choosing a dream country house wedding venue is that you want your guests to feel like treasured house guests in your home from home. What you don’t want is to share the day with a load of strangers. So, an exclusive use country house like Brympton House in Somerset is a pre-requisite.


To feel like your home in the country you need to find a country house wedding venue that has accommodation – ideally in rooms in the main house. This means that your nearest and dearest will only have a hop, skip and jump to get back to bed at the end of the day’s festivities and you can enjoy breakfast and a catch up with everyone the next morning.

Photo ops

A little thought about but oh so important part of the day – the lasting memories of the day will be captured by your photographer and videographer; so, make sure that your country house wedding venue has wonderful gardens and impressive indoor spaces to act as your backdrop.