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Built-in oven pyrolysis Siemens HB675G0 S1f


Built-in oven pyrolysis Siemens HB675G0 S1f

Elected in our 2018 top oven, the HB675 G0 W1f is a pyrolytic multifunction oven with electronic TFT display. Its discreet and modern design allows it to fit in almost all types of kitchens, thanks to two finishes (black and white). The oven is characterized by a flat door on both sides, easily removable, a level of telescopic rails, and efficient cooking programs.

The HB675G0S1f oven interface is partially touch-sensitive, with the addition of a very easy-to-use selection dial. This modern pyrolysis oven is intended for an audience comfortable with touch. Its automatic programs make it an ideal companion for active people who want to have a quick lunch (Coolstart function).

1: The Siemens brand in Australia

The Siemens appliance is now a license paid by the BSH group for its use. The products stand out with a more high-tech approach than Neff or Bosch. The public is definitely younger and more "in a hurry". It is therefore logically at Siemens that we find products with microwave addition to accelerate the cooking of dishes, or a more efficient heat to turn up temperature very quickly.

The Siemens oven brand has a more modern design. We present in this article a simple furnace interface, but already with a very modern look. There is a color interface, and larger, on the more upscale ovens.

Value for money Built- in oven HB675G0 (S1f or W1f)

The Siemens HB675G0 W1F multifunction built-in pyrolysis oven (or S1f in black) is a good buy. It has telescopic rails on one level, an optical temperature control, and the heat of sole for cooking pizzas for example. This oven costs 1060 $ in public price but is easily 900 €. You can find it in black or white.

This Siemens furnace belongs to the IQ700 range. He has for him, pyrolysis a level of telescopic rails, and a clear display.

The navigation is simple thanks to the central display and the wheel, even if we would have preferred less touch. The oven volume is good with 71L. It ranks among the furnaces of its generation, thanks to its shallow door full glass design

The oven is present in our 2018 top oven because it is offered with a small price while having most of the basic functions of an oven.

From a design point of view, it is rather clean and beautiful. The overall finish is nice with a trendy white glass underlined by a stainless steel strip under the interface and at the handle of the oven. The cleaning is very simple because the surfaces are flat.

The cooking is adjustable from 50 ° C to 300 ° C. The cooking temperature remains stable 15 ° C, and rather homogeneous in the oven if the dish is placed in the bottom. The cooking is not homogeneous with a higher temperature at the bottom of the oven. With 13 cooking modes, the cold door, the level of telescopic rails, and the overall finish, the Siemens HB675G0W1F oven is a fairly well endowed oven compared to its selling price under 900 €.

The dishes can be cleaned with pyrolysis but we do not recommend it, unless you have the oven really very dirty after fat cooking.

This multifunction oven has a special pulsed heat that allows it to reach the desired temperature very quickly so as not to preheat when cooking frozen dishes.

This Siemens oven is found on the canvas around 900 €, which makes it a well-positioned oven.

2: Design and finish of the HB675G0 W1f

• 2.8 "TFT touch screen with clear text

• Central single knob for all program selections and temperatures

• Full glass door interior

• Color of the stainless steel and white (or black depending on the reference) facade

• Buildable type

• Band material Stainless steel

• Control System - Cavity 1 Rotary Knob

• Glass door material

3: Siemens oven cooking modes

• This oven has 13 cooking modes

• 4D pulsed air,

• natural convection,

• Eco natural convection,

• heat of vault and sole,

• grill large area,

• grill small surface,

• forced air grill,

• keeping warm,

• low temperature cooking,

• preheating

• pizza position,

• hotAir Eco,

• CoolStart (direct start without preheating for frozen foods)

• Add to all this preheating booster

4: Comfort and safety of this built-in pyrolysis oven

4.1: Comfort of the siemens oven

• 4-door cold door

• Temperature recommendation

• Temperature display

• Optical check of the rise in temperature

• automatic programs

• Sabbath function

4.2: equipment and accessories

• 1-level telescopic rail, fully extendable, with automatic stop

• Halogen lighting

• Baking rack and baking tray resistant to pyrolysis

4.3: Siemens oven safety

• Child safety

• Automatic oven shutdown

• Residual heat indicator

• Walk key

• Switch in contact with the door

• Cooling fan

5: Summary characteristics of the built-in oven pyrolysis HB675G0 S1f

• Cleaning: Pyrolysis Cleaning

• Volume 71 l and 3 levels of cooking

• Device width (mm) 594 mm

• Height (cm) 595 mm

• Useful volume (cavity) - NEW (2010/30 / EC) 71 l

• Cooking mode Heat of the hearth, natural convection, forced air grill, large grill, small grill, hot air-eco, low temperature cooking, keep warm, pizza function, preheat

• TFT-Display 2.8 inches

• Main features Quick preheating, Automatic programs, Pyrolysis, Child safety

• List of accessories included 1 x enamelled baking sheet, 1 x rack, 1 x pan for pyrolysis

• Energy efficiency class A +

• Type of energy Electric

• Mounting Type Flush

• Soft Stopper, Bottom

• Width of the oven (cm) 48,0 cm

• Height of the oven (cm) 35,7 cm

• Depth of oven (cm) 41.5 cm

• Product Dimensions (mm) 595 x 594 x 548 mm

• Niche width 560 mm

• Niche height (mm) 585 mm

• Depth of niche 550 mm

• Door open depth (mm) 1,040 mm

• Net weight (kg) of the oven 38.9 kg

• Surface of the widest inner tray of the oven: 1,290

• oven function in forced air, maximum temperature (° C) 275 ° C

• Maximum temperature in natural convection (° C) 300 ° C

• Door temperature 30 ° C

• Maximum electrical connection power of oven (W) 3,600 W

6: Conclusion

The Siemens HB675G0 W1f multifunction built-in oven (or HB675G0 S1f for the white version) is a very good value for money. We selected it in our top 2018 for the reasons read above. This device has been on the market for three years and could be considered old. It is nonetheless a good buy.

It is likely that the Siemens brand will bring new elements into its range in 2019, even if what we saw at the Australia 2018 was not extraordinary. The BSH group suffers a bit from its multi-speed commercial policy, and should therefore soon review all this on the different distribution networks. Case to follow. In the meantime, this oven is available in a good price at mydeal visit at and make choice for your best designs.