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surabhi agarwal

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CA as a Career in India - Choose it or Not ?


The quality of your life depends on the decisions that you made. If you choose to become a CA that means you are wise and you concern about your future.

Because it is a fact, once you done CA then there is no limit for your career growth. The next big decision comes when you opt for CA is to join a CA institute in India or not.

Take a decision

So, if you have already take a big decision of your life that you want to became a CA and now you are in ambiguity that whether to join an institute or go for self-study then this article will definitely help you in taking the decision.

There could be two reasons for not joining an institute and choose self-study. One reason could be financial and other reason could be trustworthiness of an institute.

Join or not to join an institute

There are always two outcomes when you take a decision. One is good and other is bad so before we take a decision, we need to think about the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions

So, what could be the disadvantages of joining an institute. One is you need to spend your time in commuting and if you live in a small city or town, you might need to bear living expenses along with other expenses and living in a different place is also quite difficult, you need to do many extra jobs which you don't do in your home. The second is the companionship or company you receive in an institute.

The third reason could be that whatever institute teaches you is up to the mark or not.

So, we have look at the disadvantages of joining an institute and now we take a look at the advantages of joining an institute. First, you willan get a mentor which clears all your doubt and with a guarantee that whatever has been taught is correct.

If you clear your doubt on your own then it may be possible that you pick up a wrong path. The institute will save your lot of time in terms of making notes, solving a problem.

 The third you will get an opportunity to learn with other students which will give you an opportunity to discuss things so that you can learn things from others which you understand less and taught things to others which you understand completely.

The fourth and most important advantage is that you can assess your knowledge time to time by giving test conducted by an institute.

So, let's compare the advantages and disadvantages and check whether we need to join an institute or not. Our first disadvantage is that we need to spend time in commuting from home to institute which I don't considered as a disadvantage because we need to commute for every small thing.

Success comes from difficult way

To build a good career, we need to move out from villages or town either sooner or later. To unlock the opportunity, one has to move out from his comfort zone. The second disadvantage is of concern that you will get good companionship or not. Well, that advantage is always remain whether you join an institute or not.

 If you not opt for CA, you might opt for something else then there would be an equal chance whether you get a good companionship or not. However, anyone who opt for a CA course there is a chance that a student is diligent and future oriented, that lowers down the possibility of bad company or companionship.

Take your time to choose an institute

The third and most important disadvantage whether the mentor in the institute is up to the mark or not. The good institute will always hire a CA or postgraduate teacher for teaching his student along with some teaching experience, so there could be a very less chance that you encounter with a mentor that is not up to the mark.

Most of the institute provides trial classes before you pay the actual fees so that you can assess whether the mentor is up to the mark or not.

What is more advantageous; self-study or institute

So, I think if you are still thinking to join an institute or opt for self-study then you should think about the advantages and disadvantages, you will always find that joining an institute is advantageous.

In self-study, you cannot learn every topic on your own and you need a mentor. It is difficult for you to assess whether you are moving in a right direction or not.

Apart from that, some students have financial problem, which becomes an obstacle for joining an institute. In most of the institutes, you can make the payment through installments rather than lump sum amount.


It is quite clear that one has many benefits in joining an institute rather than opt for self-study.

So if you want to become a CA without doing much effort then join an institute now and move towards the path of knowledge and respect.