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Preeti Taneja

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Can A Mega Anti-BJP Alliance Finally Stop the Modi Juggernaut?


Spending over Rs 4,300 crore on and around his publicity, and then smartly framing a ‘Him vs. All’ narrative on the back of pro-BJP media outlets—the stage is all set for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to usher himself into another term following the General Election 2019.

Yes, while the speculations are on rife that Modi wave might finally be waning after a rollercoaster-like ride since May 2014, here’s a blank statement that majority of analysts and commentators have only tip-toed around for the sake of political corrected-ness – Narendra Modi and BJP government will rule the country for 5 more years.

However, this won’t be as much of a victory for the right-wing party as it would a slaughtering defeat for the opposition. Because let’s admit it, even with a tall and broad stature (courtesy of his chappan inch ka seena), and an unparalleled arsenal in disguise of oratory skill, one of the biggest reasons why Narendra Modi and BJP won the election in 2014 was the anti-incumbency against Congress.

And, of course, credit also must go to Mani Shankar Aiyar who added to the woe and triggered masses with his infamous chaiwala statement.

The Slowed Speed but Still the Driver

In the course of 4+ years till now, admittedly, poor decisions, controversial choices and irregular ambitions have hemorrhaged the repute that once development-draped BJP enjoyed prior to coming to power. People are still picking up the pieces in the aftermath of demonetization; the hasty implementation of GST, even after a year, is still a predicament for business owners.

And, not to miss, the party’s see-through agenda to polarize the population and ensue hatred in communities in the garb of nationalism is also another factor that has slowed BJP’s speed that, at one time, looked unstoppable.

Then again, with all the pitfalls and problems, Modi government still holds the driving seat of the Indian political space with an un-beating perception of dominance. And one can actually feel that fact in the unease of opposition parties who are left with no option but to outlet their frustration and bereavement, in front of giant figure that of Narendra Modi, by embracing their fiercest adversaries.

Who would have really thought the Yadavs and Mayawati would share the same stage in UP election 2017. Or, for that matter, who would have even dreamed that CPI would be fine to team up with Didi to tackle the party in power.

The rise (and imminent fall) of Anti-BJP Alliance

At the current, there are 7 major states who are working for separate pre-poll anti-BJP alliances. It includes Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and Tamil Nadu. This following imagery, courtesy of, unequivocally pin-points where the political ecosystem in our country is heading ahead of General Election 2019:

Can A Mega Anti-BJP Alliance Finally Stop the Modi Juggernaut?

Modi is too big to beat alone!

Different parties are coming together in various regions to collectively battle against the ruling party. The work is on-going in the minute levels, which will eventually build up to be something big before the poll season starts in 2019. And admittedly, when so many parties come together, they bring the magical numbers. However, this is also the strategy that has been beaten to death over decades. And for once now, it’s about time the politicians recognize the intelligence of voters—voters understand the dirty tricks now.

It’s incredibly evident to people – call it a blessing or disaster of internet penetration – that it makes no sense to them to sell political parties sell their core principles and come together with people who they have fought many battles against; all just to defeat one person and come into power. This perception, alone, has hurt parties big time because nobody likes opportunists; nobody wants to elect a representative who is power hungry.

In fact, many experts agree, one of the reasons why Congress’s state has gone from bad to worse since its 2014 days is because it employed opportunistic politics in nearly every following poll, compromising on its principles and teaming up with their once fierce opponents.

news (Courtesy: YouTube)

The strategy is DEAD

People now understand the unscrupulous face of politics in India. And after exploring its benefits – or no – all these decades, the majority of them have finally made a concrete decision to shun away with this strategy.

In short, were you looking for a breaking news (which isn’t fake), here it is—Alliance politics in India is dead; especially with the ‘Modi vs. All’ narration thrown to us every day on Prime times. And the parties who will be picking its carcass, hoping to win the upcoming general election, they will lose.

So, the only way to defeat Modi and BJP is to say goodbye to alliances and fight them all alone. But sadly, even after apparent signs and outcry from the general public to ‘please stop’, opposition parties haven’t yet learned anything. Meaning, in 2019, you will see BJP win.

But it won’t be as much of their victory as it would be another loss of the opposition parties.