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Can You Trust SEO Companies?


SEO Companies Can’t Be Trusted

Ha! I just read this great article ‘Can SEO Service Company Be Trusted?’ and I’m an SEO guy.
Many of us in SEO have used the tactics mentioned in the article and many black hat techniques to get sites ranking.
The fact is the game has radically changed over the last year and it’s no longer easy to get sites ranked organically.

I’m always looking for the best and safest way to help clients. The truth is I no longer want to take on the low hanging fruit clients that are looking for cheeping SEO Service. You can see my SEO Prices here but you should really be thinking about a complete package that includes search engine optimization, pay per click AdWords advertising and Social Media Marketing

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This process is much more involved now. Depending on your niche it could take a lot of content to get you ranking.
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On the other hand, my NEW SEO site that I’ve been trying to get bugs worked out on since it was delivered to me in January isn’t ranking a single keyword. Again I’ve done nothing but add content. No backlinking although I do have some links.

My own SEO Agency will be the toughest of all niches to get ranking because of the competition. Not to mention the lack of work and newness of the site. Truth is most of us working for clients don’t put that much time into our own sites. I have 10 sites and thought I was done with affiliate marketing before seeing one of my sites actually gaining in the serps over the last month.

I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and SEO Brain Trust and both are very reputable. Yes, it is difficult for me to not use old techniques. I’m no longer spinning articles for syndication and have stopped many other techniques that were achieving great results last year. At the end of the day we are all gaming the system in some way to get sites ranked and we have all have had our successes. Figuring out how to get sites ranking is what we do and there are bad guys and good guys in every industry.

Who Can You Trust?

You can read Kyle’s article ‘Can SEO Companies Be Trusted?’ that inspired me to leave him a long comment and write this post. It’s true there are companies claiming to do SEO that are not reputable. Many SEO Companies cannot be trusted and there is a lot of misinformation. Some SEO Companies are still doing things the old way that could even be detrimental to your site.