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Jie liang

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CCTV System


CCTV system is installed everywhere. Do you know each camera have a different purpose? The minority are used for surveillance nowadays they have other purposes now.

What are the purposes for those cameras?

Audience - Camera is installed with people countingto keep track of when is the peak period, which product attract the most people and many other purposes. An analysis is kept to help shopping centre know when the crowd come in and also adjust the rental accordingly to the crowd. This explains the rental price.

Security - The main purpose is still for security, but it is not solely for surveillance only. It is equipped with line crossing, intrusion detection, Facial Recognition and license plate recognition to actually help keep the security level in a country or a place. It is used to protect your property or track down criminal using different mean.

To further enhance the usage of the CCTV, technology advancement actually help amplify the uses of it.

Night Vision - Colorvuis created to actually help with night vision. Replacing the infrared technology which displaysblack and white image, Colorvu allows you to see colour even in the dark. This help in identifying people to manage other uses.

Wider Lens - CCTV that is able to cover all round with the only blind spot the ceiling. What do you think of the 180degree CCTV camera? Lesser blindspot as it can cover all angle and it can replace the jobs of several cameras which actually help to cut down on cost.